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Inside Dental Hygiene
December 2023

Loupes and Magnification

Inside Dental Hygiene (IDH): What are some of the most impactful developments in loupes that you have seen recently?

Stephanie Botts, BSDH, RDH, CEAS: The most exciting products are ergonomic loupes. Different companies call them ergo loupes, prismatic loupes, or deflection loupes, but they all mean the
same thing: They provide a truly neutral, upright head position while in use because of the mirrors and the deflection technology in the scopes. That is the most impactful new feature, but another important development is the increased use of headlamps.

IDH: Why is neutral head position so important?

Botts: If you are wearing a loupe that still requires you to tip your head down and forward, it may provide good magnification, but it is still hurting your neck over time. A neutral head position keeps your upper cervical spine in alignment, which helps with posture, breathing, and more. We only have one neck, and we need to take care of it.

IDH: When someone is looking to purchase loupes, what advice would you offer besides the ergonomic factor?

Botts: Companies offer ergonomic loupes at a wide range of prices, so find something that fits within your budget. I also recommend worrying less about weight, because that matters far less with ergonomic loupes; your head and face can carry more weight in a neutral head position. Finally, because good service and support are so important, look at customer reviews and talk to colleagues about their experiences. Loupes are not cheap, and they sometimes need to be adjusted, perhaps more than once. A company that provides good support is essential for an investment like this.

Ergonomic Loupes

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LED DayLite® HDi Series Headlights

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