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Special Issues
July/August 2018
Volume 39, Issue 3

Restorative Composite for True Bulk-Fill Technique

Darren D. Simpson, DDS

IIn a busy restorative practice, dentists need a composite material for direct restorations that will allow predictability, ease of handling, confidence in durability, esthetics, and, finally, time savings for the dentist and patient. For this reason, bulk-fill composites were developed to reduce the challenges of incremental layering needed to complete a restoration. REVEAL HD® Bulk (BISCO, is a new bulk-fill, light-activated restorative composite that easily adapts to the tooth and can be used in a true bulk-fill technique. Its proprietary HD Filler Technology creates exceptional filler loading, allowing for superior handling and polishability. BISCO has an optimized filler-resin system refractive index for superior light transmission, which means light can be effectively refracted and distributed through the material, allowing for a 5-mm to 6-mm top-down depth of cure. Low volumetric shrinkage and complete polymerization, critical for long-term durability and strength of composite restorations, are achieved. Practitioners may place the composite in a single layer without the need for additional layers of a base or liner. Alternatively, when darker or opacious restorative composite shades are required, REVEAL HD Bulk can be placed and cured short of the occlusal cavosurface margins, and the final layer can be a traditional restorative composite in an ideal shade and opacity.

Key Takeaways

REVEAL HD Bulk light-cured composite offers optimal viscosity for single-layer placement, handling, and filling capability.

Category-leading depth of cure (5 mm to 6 mm, depending on shade selected) means that clinicians do not need to perform an “all sides” cure, saving time and ensuring a high-quality restoration.

High radiopacity for easy detection (4 mm AI) allows the clinician to monitor the marginal integrity of the restoration and detect secondary caries, making REVEAL HD Bulk an ideal posterior composite.

About the Author

Darren D. Simpson, DDS
Private Practice
Chicago, Illinois

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