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Special Issues
July 2013
Volume 34, Issue 4

Restoring Smiles

As dentistry continues to strive to offer patients non-invasive restorative treatments, direct composite bonding gives clinicians an attractive alternative. Direct composite restorations enable practitioners to provide their patients improved esthetics with durability in a cost-effective manner, all while preserving healthy tooth structure. This special supplement to Compendium is dedicated to elucidating the numerous advantages of direct composite restorations.

In our continuing education (CE) article, the author expounds on how direct bonding procedures can provide patients an alternative to high biologic—and more costly—indirect porcelain restorations. The article discusses the procedures involved in smile design cases, along with ways to successfully combine various treatment modalities and materials to achieve outstanding esthetic and functional results. It demonstrates the versatility of today’s composite materials.

Two case reports demonstrate the virtues of composite restorations. One article discusses keys to establishing gingival symmetry when placing anterior direct nanohybrid composite restorations. The author presents cases in which these types of restorations provided a means of enhancing tooth esthetics simultaneous to improving gingival harmony. Our other case report illustrates the use of two complementary composite systems for anterior and posterior restorations.

In short, when esthetics, time, and expense are priorities, direct composite bonding procedures offer clinicians a biologically conservative, cost-effective, and simple treatment option. We trust that you will find this supplement
informative and helpful in your efforts to restore patients’ smiles.

John C. Kois, DMD, MSD
Guest Editor

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