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June 2011
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Multicentric Prospective Clinical Study of Korean Implant System; Early Stability Measured by Periotest®

Young-Kyun Kim; Jung-Won Hwang; Pil-Young Yun; et al

J Kor Dent Assoc. 2004;42(12):873-881.

To evaluate early stability of implants, patients who had received a total of 130 implants during a 1-year period were classified by various factors, including gender, age, area of surgery, bone quality, width of alveolar ridge, and type, diameter, and length of implant. Primary and secondary stability were measured by the Periotest device, and the results showed significant difference. Primary stability was fine in 95 implants, and secondary stability was satisfactory in 125 implants. This study analyzed numeric variables, surgical types, and clinical, anatomic, and fixture factors.

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