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Today's Trends in Periodontics

Monday, January 28, 2019 - Expires September 30, 2021

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Volume 40 eBook 2

This special Compendium eBook brings you two continuing education (CE) articles on topics in periodontics. The first article explores the use of tuberosity connective tissue for root coverage and ridge augmentation. The second describes extraction site preservation using a graft material that combines mineralized and demineralized allograft bone. Download to earn 4 FREE CEU now! 


CE 1: Use of Tuberosity Connective Tissue for Root Coverage and Ridge Augmentation
Mitchel S. Godat, DDS, MS; Todd D. Gruen, DDS; P.D. Miller, DDS; and Roger D. Craddock, DDS
This first CE article offers an overview of connective tissue grafting, including a discussion of tuberosity connective tissue and its advantages over palatal connective tissue. The authors describe two techniques for harvesting tuberosity tissue for connective tissue grafts, the distal gingivectomy technique and the distal wedge technique, and show examples of various uses of tuberosity tissue for grafts.
Credits: 2 Self-Study CEU
Cost: $0
Provider: AEGIS Publications, LLC

CE 2: Extraction Site Preservation Using New Graft Material That Combines Mineralized and Demineralized Allograph Bone
Dan Holtzclaw, DDS, MD
This second CE presents a retrospective case series on the use of an allograft bone product composed of a 70:30 ratio of mineralized to demineralized cortical bone particles to preserve the alveolar ridge dimensions of patients requiring tooth extraction with plans for future dental implant placement.
Credits: 2 Self-Study CEU
Cost: $0
Provider: AEGIS Publications, LLC

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