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Dental Implantology: Numbers Clinicians Need to Know

May 22, 2019

This Compendium eBook serves as a reference guide on a wide range of digits that may assist clinicians in enhancing the performance of implant dentistry. Important integers are presented in three segments related to the sequence of therapy: pre-procedural assessments, surgical therapy, and postsurgical patient management. 


Dental Implantology: Numbers Clinicians Need to Know
Gary Greenstein, DDS, MS; John Cavallaro, DDS; and Dennis Tarnow, DDS
Numerous dental implant procedures can be facilitated by knowing numbers related to characteristics of biological structures, biomechanical relationships, and research data. Integers are like letters; alone they are meaningless, but when integrated into therapeutic endeavors they provide a relevant basis for procedural planning and execution of therapy. This article provides lists of digits that clinicians should be acquainted with when performing implant dentistry. 




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