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September 2023
Volume 44, Issue 8

The Nobel Biocare N1™ system: A “Paradigm Shift” in Implant Surgery

SPECIAL REPORT: Implants/Regeneration

With the impressive credentials of being dual board-certified in both periodontics and prosthodontics, Bobby Birdi, DMD, MSc, operates a multi-specialty set of practices in Vancouver, Canada. Focusing on all aspects of implant dentistry, his practice serves as a testing and teaching center for many implant companies, he says.

"I have been placing dental implants for 15 years and have used more than 20 different implant systems in my career," Birdi explains. "Each implant system has its benefits, and most are similar in their surgical protocols."

About a year ago, though, Birdi discovered a new product that he considers a "game changer." "I had the opportunity to work with Nobel Biocare as an ‘N1 Ambassador' on their new launch, the Nobel Biocare N1 system. I have now placed and restored well over a hundred of these innovative implants. The surgical protocol for implant placement is a complete paradigm shift. It is minimally invasive and almost too simple to believe," he exclaims. "The [protocol] makes implant placement so much faster while being so much kinder to the bone and patient."

The Nobel Biocare N1 system is a comprehensive dental implant solution that includes biologically driven site preparation, a strong trioval conical connection, digital workflows, and dedicated prosthetics designed to optimize soft-tissue maintenance and esthetics. Nobel Biocare's TiUltra surface is incorporated, promoting fast osseointegration. Site preparation, according to the manufacturer, is performed with a low-speed instrument based on biological principles, enabling an osteotomy with maximized control. Moreover, the surgical protocol is designed to assist in decision-making during site preparation.

"The Nobel Biocare N1 system changes the way we create our osteotomies and has progressed this aspect of implant therapy," Birdi suggests. "Minimally invasive creation of the implant osteotomy is the future, and the Nobel Biocare N1 system has it now!"

With minimal invasiveness, Birdi notes, comes faster healing times. "With most implant systems, routine healing times of 3 to 6 months are recommended. With the Nobel Biocare N1 system, the atraumatic implant placement leads to faster time to final teeth. I have been able to place final restorations in a 2- to 8-week range after implant placement," he says, adding that the N1 Implant is well-suited for immediate placement and function. "Restoratively, the implant is easy to use, and the N1 Base really brings the ‘one abutment, one time' concept to fruition."

Birdi's patients often comment on how easy the implant surgery was and how quickly they received their final restorations. "When they receive their Nobel Biocare N1 implant-supported final restorations just weeks after the surgery, they never want to go back to waiting 6 months again!"

Nobel Biocare

Bobby Birdi, DMD, MSc
Private Practice, Vancouver, Canada; Fellow, Royal College of Dentists of Canada; Fellow, American College of Prosthodontists; Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

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