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September 2023
Volume 44, Issue 8

Astra Tech Implant System EV: A Proven, Comprehensive Solution

SPECIAL REPORT: Implants/Regeneration

Joseph M. Schmidt, DDS, has his big brother to thank for both his successful career in dentistry, and an extra nudge that steered him in the direction of dental implants.

"My brother, who was 18 years older than me, was a dentist," Schmidt says. "As my mentor, he told me when I was in dental school to keep an eye on implants. That's what I did, and now it's my biggest passion in dentistry."

Schmidt, who has been in practice in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for more than 30 years, notes that advances in the industry have allowed for faster and more intuitive processes for today's implant clinician.

"From integration periods of up to 6 months when I first started placing implants to now a mere 6 to 8 weeks has made treatment both easier and faster," says Schmidt, who lectures on implant dentistry throughout the United States and has extensive experience in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery. "Digital implant planning and treatment has been a game changer for us and for the industry as a whole."

Focusing primarily on immediate implants at his practice, Schmidt is an advocate of the Astra Tech Implant System EV from Dentsply Sirona. "The system has many restorative options, from single-tooth to full-arch/all-on-X, to meet the needs of each patient, whether anatomical-related or financial. When used in conjunction with Atlantis patient-specific abutments (Dentsply Sirona), our patients get excited that we are creating something custom made for them," he explains. "I believe the OsseoSpeed implant surface and the conical connection helps maintain crestal bone, which is key for esthetics and long-term success. We also see amazing soft-tissue health and architecture around these implant restorations."

Astra Tech Implant System EV is the original and most comprehensive member of the EV implant family, according to the manufacturer, and is based on four decades of continuous development and successful innovations. The system offers short, narrow, and profile implants for limited vertical bone, tight spaces, and sloped ridges, and the design is biologically driven for bone maintenance and soft-tissue stability. All implants in the EV family conveniently share the same EV connection and benefit from the same comprehensive restorative options.

"The quality of Astra Tech Implant EV is second to none in terms of the materials used for all the components and the stability of the fit and connection between the implant and abutment," Schmidt attests. "For our referrals, it's all about the ease of restoration, whether analog or digital, and their confidence in a long-term esthetic result for their patient."

"Patients have done extremely well through the years with us using this system," he exclaims. "We see great bone maintenance, and instances of peri-implantitis are well below the percentages we see today in the literature."

Dentsply Sirona

Joseph M. Schmidt, DDS
Private Practice,
Waukesha, Wisconsin

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