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July/August 2023
Volume 44, Issue 7

TRIOS 5 Intraoral Scanner an Excellent Choice for Clinicians of Any Level

When Naren Rajan, DMD, speaks on digital dentistry at Touro College of Dental Medicine in New York, he offers a note of caution for clinicians interested in bringing technology into the office. "Simply having the latest technology in our dental practice is not enough," he says. "We need to use it thoughtfully."

One of Rajan's best examples of incorporating technology into his practice in Mendham, New Jersey, he says, is the 3Shape TRIOS 5 wireless intraoral scanner. "Intraoral scanning, photography, CBCT, CAD design, and 3D printing have completely revolutionized how we gather and align data, diagnose dental conditions, and communicate them to the patient, our lab, and specialist partners. Being able to create a virtual representation of the patient allows us to treatment plan comprehensively and share our findings with patients transparently, so they can better understand risks, benefits, and options," he explains. "The technology helps us communicate with transparency, build trust more easily, and, ultimately, provide the highest level of care for our patients."

The TRIOS 5 scanner, a fifth-generation of TRIOS from 3Shape, is an excellent choice for clinicians of any level, Rajan suggests, thanks to ScanAssist, which incorporates artificial intelligence to ensure alignment of the scan, allowing patients to be scanned in any direction.

"The improvements with TRIOS 5 allow us the freedom to scan wirelessly in any treatment room with speed, change batteries ‘on the fly,' and eliminate mundane tasks like calibration," says the private practitioner of 20 years. "The faster speed and smaller size makes scanning easier for patients, and it allows us to include these scans in our daily routines without affecting our appointment times."

These efficiencies are crucial, as his dental office provides a TRIOS scan for every single patient. "We have two TRIOS 5 units in our practice: one for hygiene and one for restorative," Rajan says. "Our hygienists routinely perform ‘wellness' scans for our patients annually, so we can visualize and compare 3D scans of the dentition with TRIOS Patient Monitoring."

"When scanning for restorative workflows, every TRIOS scan is a full-arch scan, even when only scanning for a single restoration. This is all with the intent of building a robust digital patient library for every patient over time to improve the level of care we can provide."

Rajan's practice offers a full range of dental implant services from single implants to implant-supported bridges and dentures, to guided implant placement. He utilizes the scanner to help digitize his implant workflow. With 3Shape Implant Studio, planning implant treatments is predictable and consistent, which enhances efficiency.

And what's one of the best qualities of using the TRIOS 5, according to Rajan? "Our patients continue to be impressed with the speed, comfort, and efficiency of our TRIOS scanners!"

Naren Rajan, DMD
Private Practice, Mendham,
New Jersey; Assistant Director of Digital Dentistry, Touro College of Dental Medicine, Hawthorne, New York; Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry


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