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November/December 2022
Volume 43, Issue 10

Improve Diagnostic Skills, Patient Communication With Overjet Dental AI

Don Gallo, DMD, makes many technology decisions as the Chief Clinical Officer for Dental Care Alliance (DCA), a dental service organization comprised of more than 370 affiliated dental practices. When something works well, DCA will incorporate it into additional practices across the organization. This has been the case with regard to technology from Overjet, a global leader in dental artificial intelligence (AI).

"We've implemented Overjet technology in more than 120 practices," Gallo says. "We like how the software is FDA-cleared to identify possible areas of decay and quantify bone loss. It's been very helpful."

Interestingly, Gallo points out that AI is not diagnostic; it's directional. "It draws the eye to areas that deserve a closer look, adds color and quantification, and then the doctor makes the diagnosis," he explains. "It also then helps with creating a treatment plan and getting the patient to accept it."

In short, the use of the Overjet dental AI platform helps DCA practices communicate better with their patients, Gallo notes. "Overjet gives our doctors the ability to take what has been traditionally a black-and-white image and put color to it. Now, the doctor is not just telling the patient what he or she sees; the patient is able to see it, too. It allows us to engage our patients in a discussion and collaborate on their treatment."   

Overjet offers real-time detection and segmentation of caries on bitewing radiographs, quantifies bone-level measurements, and analyzes the radiographs from visits in the past 18 months. Providers can pull up the earlier radiographs and the current ones, and compare them, checking for disease progression. "It's a great tool to help educate patients and have them better understand the need for treatment," Gallo says, adding that using Overjet has provided a "big lift in case acceptance" in both hygiene and dentistry.

For doctors, especially younger ones, the technology reaffirms what they're seeing and diagnosing, Gallo suggests, helping them to have more confidence in interpreting radiographs. For hygienists, they are able to identify more easily where periodontal treatment is appropriate based on bone loss as quantified by Overjet's AI and pocket measurements taken during periodontal probing. "We're incorporating laser periodontal care into the treatment workflow."

"The AI allows for standardization in the identification of potential decay or bone loss, and then you can take a closer look at the chart notes for the doctor's reasoning on whether to watch or treat," Gallo says.

Elevating patient care, Overjet's dental AI platform "helps clarify patients' oral health and gives them a better understanding of what the doctor is telling them," Gallo says. "Patients feel like they are part of the treatment-planning process and have a greater commitment to the treatment plan."

Don Gallo, DMD
Chief Clinical Officer,
Dental Care Alliance (DCA)


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