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April 2022
Volume 43, Issue 4

TRC™ Cream a New Weapon in Dentists’ Arsenal for Safe Pain Management

The opioid epidemic in the United States has put dentists-especially those who work with patients in chronic pain with such conditions as TMJ/TMD and other myofascial ailments-in a difficult position with few options. In the past, clinicians who wanted to avoid prescribing opioids but also needed to help patients reduce chronic craniofacial inflammation and pain had to rely on traditional and somewhat mediocre options like over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs or less common alternatives like acupuncture and massage.

For Kathleen Carson, DDS, a general dentist who has been practicing airway-focused dentistry since 2005 in Agoura Hills, California, an innovative new product utilizing cannabidiol (CBD) has provided her "great results" in pain relief for her patients.

"I discovered the beneficial use of CBD for the management of pain and inflammation in 2019 when, for personal reasons, I was looking for an alternative to the regular use of NSAIDs," says Carson, who treats numerous TMJ and sleep-disordered breathing patients. "I found that CBD was benefiting me personally, so I started to implement its use in my office mainly for muscle pain and anti-inflammatory purposes."

The CBD product Carson says she has had the most success with is Holistic Health Therapeutics' TRC Cream (2.5% transdermal cannabidiol), a transdermal therapeutic relief topical cream formulated specifically for the medical and dental communities.

"We're in a new frontier in health and wellness. CBD sales in the United States were $4.7 billion in 2021 (according to a study from Brightfield Group). Dentists owe it to themselves and their patients to learn what is fact versus fiction and be able to give an informed opinion," says the UCLA School of Dentistry alumna.

"Patients are seeking pain-management alternatives to traditional pharmacological interventions, and TRC Cream is a safe, natural solution that works synergistically with our own body systems. Plus, TRC makes it easy to get educated about the product and learn how to offer it to your patients," says Carson, who notes TRC Cream is offered only to doctors for purchase. Examples of its use in her practice include for patients undergoing appliance therapy, myofunctional therapy, postoperative pain, and longer open-mouth appointments where patients may be sore.

As CBD has become more mainstream in the United States, a wide spectrum of products and brands have hit the market, Carson explains, but not all have the science-backed quality of TRC Cream, whose formula was created by a Stanford PhD with experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

"The magic is in their formulation. The FDA does not regulate these products, so dentists will find a variety out there at different dilutions," she says. "TRC Cream works because it's the right concentration of CBD for efficacy." Additionally, it has a quick onset time of 5 minutes.

Carson summarizes: "TRC has found the right concentration, formulated it with pure products, and priced it fairly. It's also a smaller company with great customer service and people who genuinely care about their product and helping dentists navigate this new frontier."

Carson, DDS
Private Practice,
Agoura Hills, California


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