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April 2022
Volume 43, Issue 4

Dentist Puts Full Referral Trust in Endodontist Who Treats With GentleWave System

Third-generation dentist Michael Eggnatz, DDS, has learned a lot during his 35 years in the profession and, of course, in observing his father and grandfather throughout their careers.

"Growing up, I saw my father and grandfather working with other dentists and specialists," says Eggnatz, who practices in south Florida and is a past president of the Florida Dental Association. "I've worked on a lot of interdisciplinary cases, and it's become my overall practice philosophy to do so. By referring to specialists you trust, your patients get the latest treatment modalities, which are rapidly changing," he explains. And when they return and thank him for sending them to the successful referral appointment, "it's a win-win for myself, the patient, and the specialist."

One example of this process consistently providing good results for Eggnatz is in his working relationship with board-certified endodontist Mark Limosani, DMD.

"I've had patients who say, ‘Can't you just do the root canal instead of sending me somewhere?' And I use the following example as my response: If I was your family doctor, and you had a cardiology problem, wouldn't you want to see a cardiologist?" Eggnatz says. "This is why I want to send you to Dr. Limosani because I know it's where you will get the best results."

Eggnatz and Limosani not only practice within a few minutes of each other, they are both actively involved in Florida dentistry groups and study clubs. "We are finding today more and more patients have expectations that are very specific, so it's a good fit when we work with other practitioners who are focused on one aspect of dentistry," says Limosani, who is a past president of the South Florida District Dental Association and has lectured locally and internationally on all aspects of endodontics. "Then you know that in each practice, the patient is getting the very best treatment with a clinician who has the latest technology for that specialty."

One reason why Eggnatz is confident referring his patients to his endodontist colleague is Limosani's use of the Sonendo GentleWave® System. The system employs patented, novel technology to deliver thorough cleaning and disinfection to the entire root canal system while leaving more of the tooth structure intact. Limosani affirms he has successfully used GentleWave on more than 1,000 patients over the past 3 years.

"The GentleWave's Procedure Instrument sits on top of the tooth and allows us to move fluid throughout the inside of the tooth and the root canal system in the most optimized way that exists today, and we don't have to mechanically open up the inside of the tooth as much to accomplish the traditional root canal goals of disinfection," Limosani explains. This, he notes, allows for a more conservative yet thorough treatment.

"And from the patient's perspective, we're often able to get everything completed in one sitting, as opposed to multiple visits. Through the use of the fluid dynamics to disinfect, many patients report much less postoperative discomfort. So overall, there is less pain, less swelling, and fewer complications-and happier, more satisfied patients with their outcomes," Limosani suggests.

Sonendo's GentleWave Procedure utilizes Multisonic Ultracleaning® technology, which enables procedure fluids to reach throughout all of the root canal system. The procedure flushes the root canal system of bacteria, infected tissue, and debris, simultaneously cleaning and disinfecting microscopic spaces that standard root canal treatment may have difficulty reaching.

According to Sonendo, more than 700,000 patients have been treated with GentleWave Procedure. While conventional root canal therapy generally requires two appointments at about 90 minutes each, the GentleWave Procedure can usually be completed in one appointment and in less than an hour.

Many of Limosani's patients, he attests, are amazed that the GentleWave Procedure was able to accomplish what they expected to be a negative experience in a relatively fast, easy manner while still obtaining optimal results. And Eggnatz concurs.

"From my perspective," says the general practitioner, "I've seen consistently fantastic results in the healing after the GentleWave Procedure. I love that my patients are getting the best care, whether from my office or my specialist colleagues."

As a clinician who focuses on esthetic and restorative dentistry, including dental implants, one might not expect Eggnatz to veer patients toward root canal therapy. However, he prefers to save teeth if they can be saved, which is why he works with specialists, he notes.

"We're at a point where we can replace teeth with implants, so that's an option," he says. "But many times, I will have (Limosani) look at a case and ask not only if he can do the root canal, but is the tooth salvageable? Is it worth the time, money, and effort? You have to think about the patient; it's their money, their teeth, and their decision."

One thing Eggnatz can be sure of is that with Limosani utilizing the Sonendo GentleWave System, his referred patients are in good hands. "I can be confident they're getting the best treatment options from not just myself but also ‘my' endodontic specialist."

Michael Eggnatz, DDS
Private Practice, Weston,
Florida; Fellow, American
College of Dentists; Fellow, International College of Dentists

Mark Limosani, DMD
Private Practice in Endodontics, Weston, Florida; Fellow,
Royal College of Dentists of Canada; Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics


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