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September 2021
Volume 42, Issue 8

CALAJECT™ Anesthesia System Simplifies Dental Injections to Help Put Patients at Ease

It's no secret that needles and injections are one of the top reasons people might avoid or dislike dental procedures. But Annette Ravn Nielsen, CEO of the RONVIG manufacturing company in Denmark, believes there is a simple way to change that.

CALAJECT is a computer-controlled anesthesia delivery system that allows clinicians to provide effective injections while offering patients a painless treatment from the start, she says.

"Many patients ‘fear the needle' and are anxious that the dental treatment will hurt. When they experience that the injection itself does not cause any discomfort and they have become efficiently anesthetized, they tend to relax, and the dental staff can relax as well-a win-win situation," Nielsen states. "Patients notice the difference. CALAJECT can be a valuable help in creating patient loyalty, and the dentist sends a clear signal that he or she cares about the well-being of the patient. It's a true practice builder."

In January 2020, RONVIG became part of Directa Dental Group, a global manufacturer of dental consumables and materials. Nielsen, a 25-year veteran of RONVIG, including time as marketing manager, was involved in the development process of CALAJECT from the very beginning. Launched in 2013, CALAJECT, like all of RONVIG's products, she says, was created with the goal of developing and producing "a high-end product of unique design and quality."

Ideal for implant dentistry procedures, helping put patients at ease, the operation of CALAJECT is quite straightforward, Nielsen says. "We wanted to make it easy and intuitive to operate, which is reflective of the feedback we get from doctors. If you are switching over from a manual syringe, a small learning curve will be primarily focused on getting accustomed to the lower speed of CALAJECT. Although an injection typically takes longer, you have the clear advantage of being able to start working shortly after the injection," she explains.

CALAJECT uses standard dental needles, a feature that clinicians highly appreciate, Nielsen says, because it is cost-effective and does not generate excessive waste of disposable hose sets. Equally important, she points out, dentists have the freedom to use their preferred quality needle.

The design of CALAJECT is also beneficial for clinicians. "Unlike a traditional dental syringe, the CALAJECT handpiece is held in a pen-grip. Dentists can hold the handpiece completely still in situ because they can support their fingers. The pen-grip is a huge ergonomic advantage, as there is no awkward bending of the wrist or strain on the hand and fingers," Nielsen says. Additionally, CALAJECT features a safe, efficient, automatic aspiration operation.

CALAJECT comes with written instructions for use, and users can also access tutorials, clinical videos, and recorded webinars on the company's website,

"The controlled and reproducible injections make the efficiency of local anesthesia injections highly predictable," Nielsen continues. "The combination of the pen-grip and three program options-intraligamental/palatal, infiltration, and regional nerve block-allows dentists to refine their injection techniques. Dentists have reported that they find it easy to perform inferior and maxillary nerve blocks with CALAJECT."

Patients, too, have responded well to the unique anesthesia delivery system, Nielsen says. "Patients react positively and often insist on receiving a ‘dental shot with the machine' once they have experienced it," she says. "We get phone calls from patients who are seeking a dentist using CALAJECT."

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