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April 2020
Volume 41, Issue 4

DiaDent’s Dia-Duo Cordless Obturation System Facilitates, Simplifies Endodontic Procedures

Bradley Mar, DMD, has operated a private practice limited to endodontics in Vancouver, British Columbia, for over three decades. He learned endodontics, he proudly states, as a student of Dr. Herbert Schilder at Boston University and is a practitioner of the "Schilder technique," which involves filling root canals after disinfection-a warm gutta-percha vertical compaction technique that today is widely used by most endodontists. Mar also mentors for one of the College of British Columbia's longest running endodontic study clubs. "Proper technique and development of hand skills are imperative for good clinical endodontics," he asserts.

Along with good education and technique, proper and reliable tools are also important for successful endodontic procedures, Mar says, which is why he has been a long-time user of DiaDent products. "DiaDent products help me do endodontic procedures exactly how I prefer to do them," he attests.

DiaDent's Dia-Duo is an advanced cordless obturation system that comprises both the Duo-Gun and Duo-Pen, which work in tandem to facilitate endodontic procedures. According to the manufacturer, Duo-Gun delivers precise 3D obturation and supports the warm vertical obturation technique. The cordless and compact design of the Duo-Gun backfill obturation device gives the clinician freedom of movement and allows for smooth and precise gutta-percha delivery, Mar notes. Also, the user is able to operate hand-trigger obturation with minimal effort.

Duo-Pen is a cordless warm vertical compaction device that uses heat to cut, soften, down-pack, and compact root canal filling material such as gutta-percha. DiaDent reports that the heating tip reaches the highest level of temperature within 1 second, helping to reduce treatment time, while the ergonomically designed handpiece remains cool to the touch during operation.

"The Duo-Gun being cordless is a ‘game changer,' because a cord can be such a nuisance when performing a procedure," Mar explains. He also likes that the Duo-Gun, similar to the Duo-Pen tip, heats up in 1 second or less. "The small tip sizes-23G and 25G-available with the system are excellent for complex cases. Also, the flexible gutta-percha delivery tip can swivel, which simplifies complex molar procedures," he says.

This system may be used in conjunction with DiaDent's Dia-ProSeal Root Canal Sealer, a two-component epoxy resin-based material that offers outstanding sealing ability and low shrinkage with high adhesion to gutta-percha and dentin. "Dia-ProSeal works extremely well for warm vertical condensation and obturation," Mar claims. "It gives clinicians ease of use because it mixes easily and smoothly without much effort, and provides a good clinical seal. The end result is a smooth, creamy paste that picks up very easily with paper points and gutta-percha to transfer to the canal." Additionally, Mar considers the radiopacity of Dia-ProSeal "excellent," and as a result it enables high-quality postoperative radiographs.

Aside from the quality and dependability of DiaDent products, Mar appreciates the "no nonsense" product price points. "The reasonable pricing for good quality is what keeps me coming back to DiaDent endodontic products," he acknowledges. To purchase DiaDent products, the company recommends that clinicians contact their authorized distribution representatives, as DiaDent sells through authorized distributors.

Mar, who began using DiaDent products for endodontics some 30 years ago, has confidence in them to the point where he now instructs clinicians in using them. "I demonstrate many of DiaDent's products, including the Dia-Duo obturation system and Dia-ProSeal, in my study club," he says. "These products make life a lot easier for both the experienced and novice endodontic clinician."

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