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October 2018
Volume 39, Issue 9

Tokuyama Universal Bond® Simplifies Adhesion Process, Yields Impressive Results

As a general practitioner for more than three decades, Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS, is always looking for ways to provide improved care for his patients. The Sacramento, California, dentist, who also is an experienced dental educator and has worked in dental product research and development, knows the kind of performance he wants in an adhesive. "It should allow me to create predictable, long-lasting, and sensitivity-free restorations," he says.

As a result, Miyasaki relies on Tokuyama Universal Bond® for a wide array of dental adhesive applications. "Tokuyama Universal Bond allows for increased patient comfort, requires less chairtime, and has virtually no postoperative sensitivity while maintaining good bond strength," he states. Additionally, Miyasaki appreciates the simplicity and uniformity of the process when using the universal adhesive.

Over the years Miyasaki often has been frustrated with the need to use different adhesives and techniques, depending on the restorative materials being used, to achieve effective bonding results. Therefore, he is especially impressed that Tokuyama Universal Bond can be utilized for a broad range of indications. "I like that I can use it for many different restorative procedures, including both direct and indirect restorations composed of various materials, bonding a core build-up, and even repairing dentures," he says.

Applications include direct anterior and posterior restorations with light-, dual-, and self-curing composite materials, as well as intraoral repair of composite, metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and all-ceramic restorations without the need for an additional primer. Cementation of indirect restorations and veneers can also be achieved when combined with light-, dual-, or self-curing resin cements. "The list goes on and on," he says of the uses of Tokuyama Universal Bond.

Additionally, because there is no need to light-cure the adhesive, he says he is able to complete procedures faster while knowing he will have a durable bond virtually every time. "I no longer have to worry about whether the light-cure will fail."

Miyasaki sums up the universality of Tokuyama Universal Bond with three points: (1) It is compatible with both rinse and no-rinse etching techniques, ie, total- and self-etch, and, thus, selective-etch; (2) it is compatible with all three types of curing modalities without the need for a separate activator, which he says translates to less materials and fewer steps; and (3) it can be applied to the tooth or to the restoration as a primer for silica-based, zirconia, or various types of metal restoratives. Another benefit, he adds, is the streamlined inventory of his office's bonding and cementation armamentarium.

Having been involved in dental education for the past 28 years, Miyasaki stresses the importance of proper technique and product handling when using bonding agents. For direct restorations with Tokuyama Universal Bond, he suggests applying a weak air stream, which will evaporate some of the solvent, followed by a moderate air stream to completely evaporate the solvent and finish the curing process. For indirect restorations, the application of mild air is recommended to cure the bonding material. No light-curing is needed in either case. For storage, Miyasaki recommends storing the bonding agent in the refrigerator and removing it at least 20 minutes before usage.

Miyasaki notes that EsteCem® II, Tokuyama Dental's new dual-cured adhesive resin cement, used in conjunction with Universal Bond makes cementation easier, offers highly predictable results, and improves esthetics. Regarding the indirect restoration procedure he remarks, "I like the easy clean up-short cure to gel state that can be peeled off."

The goal of adhesion and bonding products, Miyasaki suggests, is to simplify the process without compromising results, and he believes Tokuyama Dental has accomplished that with Universal Bond. "As a leader in adhesive products, Tokuyama Dental has given practitioners a wonderful product. My favorite aspect of Tokuyama Universal Bond is how universal it actually is."

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