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March 2018
Volume 39, Issue 3

Enabling Intraoral Precision, Aquasil® Ultra+ Makes an Impression

Over the past 25 years, Clark Smith, DMD, has cultivated unique experiences from both the clinical and product development sides of dentistry. As Director of Dentsply Sirona's Global Impression and Temporization Platform, Smith has seen up close the progression of impression materials from traditional alginates to the company's flagship Aquasil Ultra+.

Having the ability to capture and maintain fine marginal detail coupled with precision delivery and optimal work/set times distinguishes Aquasil® Ultra+ from the multitude of impression materials on the market, Smith contends. "Dentsply Sirona has changed the conversation surrounding impression materials. By measuring tear strength and hydrophilicity intraorally, rather than using industrial test methods like many manufacturers do, we are able to achieve intraoral tear strength and hydrophilicity characteristics that are meaningful and relevant to the clinician. The material is extremely forgiving, allowing dentists to take impressions in virtually any reasonable intraoral condition," he says.

The patented technology of Aquasil Ultra+ material produces polyfunctional bonds for the highest intraoral tear strength available to clinicians, according to the company. This ensures margins remain intact and material is not left in the sulcus, even when the material is in thin cross-sections. "Dentists can remove Aquasil Ultra+ without fear of the material tearing or of leaving extraneous material in the sulcus," Smith says, adding that Aquasil Ultra+ has a very low contact angle while the impression material is uncured, which helps establish accuracy in the presence of natural hydration.

In addition to performance, another key issue with impression materials, Smith notes, is product delivery. "Precisely applying an impression material around a prepared tooth with a standard 50-mL dispensing cartridge and gun is one of the hardest things for a clinician to do. With the pistol grip, you're 7 or 8 inches away from the target trying to accurately place the material in a timely fashion, all while trying to avoid bubbles," he explains. "We thought it was important to find a better way, and with the help of clinicians from around the globe, we did."

This, Smith says, is where the patented digit Power® Dispenser comes in. Made specifically for the working and set times of Aquasil Ultra+, the ergonomically designed unit is a small, lightweight, battery-powered dispenser. Featuring a pen grip design, the dispenser significantly shortens the distance from the user's hand to the tooth preparation while providing a consistent flow of impression material. Comparing the digit Power Dispenser to a conventional gun-style dispensing unit, Smith says, "It's like drawing with a pencil versus trying to make that same drawing holding the pencil by the eraser."

Aquasil Ultra+ impression material is available in several consistencies and set times. A unique Rigid viscosity is specifically designed to help prevent distortion when used with double-arch trays. The Regular Set provides sufficient work time for multi-unit and more complicated cases, while Fast Set reduces mouth removal time for ideal single-unit restorations.

"The digit Power Dispenser is programmed to either the more popular Regular or Fast set times, so when clinicians select their material they can select the set time. The dispensing unit gives off an alarm notifying clinicians when working times and set times are finished, alerting them that the material can be removed from the mouth. This helps eliminate the highly problematic issue of exceeding the working time of the material, which can lead to subpar results," Smith says.

In short, Smith reiterates that Aquasil Ultra+ coupled with the digit Power Dis-penser provides the dentist with "optimal control, therefore lessening the need for impression retakes." He summarizes: "Dentsply Sirona looked at what clinicians really care about in the product they use for impression-taking-reliability and clinical predictability-and created Aquasil Ultra+. We believe this product and digit Power Dispenser fills a real void in the marketplace."

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