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Jul/Aug 2017
Volume 38, Issue 7

HDX WILL North America: Knowledge, Confidence, and Safety

As a leader in oncology diagnostics and therapy systems, nuclear medicine, integrated medical financing, and general construction for hospitals for over 35 years, HDX Corporation confidently moved into the dental space in 2008. It was at this time that they acquired WillMed, a company that was known for its innovative, private office–based radiology platforms.

In 2010, HDX Corporation developed its first CBCT system, DINNOVA™, which was primarily designed to support larger dental clinics and hospitals. Following this development, the company began work on its new DENTRI™ system, with the goal of bringing the company’s standout CBCT and integrated software expertise to private practices.

The DENTRI system, like its predecessor, features technological advances such as image manipulation, versatility, ultra-crisp and distortion-free 3D images, and, most importantly, its groundbreaking reanimation technology. The DENTRI system has also been recognized for its user-friendly design and understanding of practice economics.

With these two systems firmly in place, HDX WILL was formed in 2013. Since its official launch, it has quickly established a leadership position in its domestic market and been enthusiastically adopted in more than 20 other markets worldwide, according to Robert Riggs, National Sales Director.

“As a specialist in cephalometry, software engineering, and digital imaging, the company anticipates an immediate involvement in implant and restorative dentistry, with later expansion into other oral care areas and perhaps into allied medical disciplines. The company will introduce its DENTRI system from its new offices in Los Angeles, where it intends on not only delivering remarkable technology but also reinvigorating the ownership experience for the healthcare entrepreneur,” Riggs says.

When deciding on a new imaging system for a practice, it is important that clinicians identify what company and product qualities are most important to them and seek out a system provider that exudes these same qualities, says Riggs. He adds that, hopefully, this partnership is with a system provider committed to understanding both the clinician’s needs of today and wants of tomorrow. “A CBCT system is simply a combination of mechanization and software working in concert. Because of this, any system, no matter how advanced, is forever subject to a cycle of innovation and obsolescence,” he emphasizes.

Therefore, in its pursuit of exceeding expectation, HDX WILL has built a unique approach to ideation and product design, combining both its product and service innovation teams. As these teams are forward facing and always consider the user experience, Riggs says, this combined team will officially unveil its revolutionary reanimation technology (due in the fourth quarter of 2017) based on CYOPTIX™—an applied science of almost unimaginable potential.

By purposefully combining breakthrough technologies with key service innovations, such as purchase process excellence, installation, clinician on-boarding, and pre-mapping all of the post-purchase touchpoints that follow, HDX WILL is in a position to exceed expectations and, just as it has done in other global markets, set new standards in system ownership here in the United States. As Riggs explains, “While HDX WILL may make equipment, it actually sells knowledge, confidence, and safety.”

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