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Jul/Aug 2017
Volume 38, Issue 7

Galileos® Comfort Plus Provides Seamless Workflow Integration

To focus on providing the most confident comprehensive care, Dee Dee Meevasin, DMD, has turned to advanced cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology for the needs of her Las Vegas, Nevada practice. The capabilities of the Galileos® Comfort Plus 3D imaging system from Dentsply Sirona allow clinicians to see given situations from novel perspectives, introducing a new layer of safety and efficiency to dental practices worldwide. This three-dimensional (3D) system provides excellent image quality at a low dose of radiation, while also providing seamless integration into the workflow of a practice.

“I think of seamless integration in terms of, say, a Mac versus a PC—everything that Mac builds works well together,” Meevasin says. “That’s exactly how the Comfort Plus is for me with my CEREC, especially when I plan implant treatments. They work smoothly together, but if there ever were any problems, the Dentsply Sirona support team is wonderful. I can call them and get help immediately because there’s none of the fingerpointing on what hardware or software is at fault.”

With the Galileos Comfort Plus and the CEREC combined, guided implant placement has never been easier for Meevasin. “I can scan the patient, plan the implant, make a surgical guide—and, best of all, do it in one day. Immediate implants are now possible for me. Guided surgery gives me so much more confidence versus going in freehand. I now have the tools I need to see all the anatomy and place the implant in the most ideal position possible,” Meevasin emphasizes.

Two years ago, at the Dentsply Sirona 3D Summit, Meevasin became the first female dentist to perform implant surgery on a live patient, which was extremely successful and completed in less than 15 minutes.

Having the latest technology has always been important for Meevasin and, with a dedicated CBCT unit like the Galileos Comfort Plus, she has found exactly what she was looking for: easy positioning, a low dose of radiation, a broad field of view (15 cm in diameter), and software solutions that enable her to broaden the services her practice offers. For example, the large field of view allows Meevasin to see the airway, which helps her diagnose sleep apnea.

Another feature her patients really enjoy is the speed of the Galileos Comfort Plus. “It’s only a 14-second scan, which is noninvasive,” she explains. “Then it only takes me about 2 minutes to upload the scan on to my computer and show it to them. It makes my appointments faster, allowing for more in a day, but most importantly gives me confidence that I am providing a complete comprehensive exam.” A single 14-second scan, yielding approximately 15.4 close-up views, is all that is required to provide the clinical views necessary for making informed diagnoses and confident treatment plans from start to finish.

With the Galileos Comfort Plus, the imaging scan and the 3D facial image are automatically superimposed, making treatment more comprehensible for patients, which promotes greater understanding and increases their willingness to accept treatment. “I’ve had people come in just because of the Galileos and the CEREC,” Meevasin says. “A lot of people haven’t seen a cone beam, as many dentists don’t have that technology yet. When they do see it, it becomes the best marketing tool for my office as patients tell their friends. We also give them a copy of their cone beam on a flash drive, which they take to referrals, and, before I know it, I am getting more referrals from their primary care physicians, colleagues, and family members.

Meevasin adds, “It has really created a lot of publicity for our office. We are proud to be known for having the best technology and advances in dentistry.”

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