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Nov/Dec 2016
Volume 37, Issue 11

Maxcem Elite™ Chroma: Taking the Guesswork Out of Cleanup

As Director of Product Development at Kerr Corporation, Eugene Qian, PhD, understands the challenges of working with resin cements, especially the frustration that clinicians feel when dealing with cleanup.

“Dental resin cement has seen significant growth over the past two decades as a result of its enhanced bond strength, superior esthetics, and simplified restorative procedure aspect with the arrival of self-adhesive resin cements such as Maxcem Elite™ by Kerr,” Qian says.

However, excess cement removal or cleanup has been problematic for most dentists in that the cleanup window is quite narrow for removing excess cement in its gel state. Removing the excess cement too soon could cause the dentist to run the risk for prematurely disturbing the unbonded restoration, leading to bond failure or microleakage. Conversely, removing the excess cement too late would increase the risk for having to use excessive mechanical force to remove well-cured extra cement. This could lead to weakening the bond and causing the patient some discomfort. “Clinicians desire a resin cement with a visual cue indicating the ideal time for easily removing excess cement. The concept for Maxcem Elite Chroma was conceived to address the above pain points associated with excess cement cleanup,” Qian says. Early on, key opinion leaders were “engaged in our feasibility study and requirement establishment to make sure that what we were designing was what clinicians were asking for,” Qian adds.

The technology employed in Maxcem Elite Chroma is based on an innovative redox-indicator technology that has never been used in dentistry. The redox indicator is a compound that changes color in certain conditions. “The redox color indicator will experience color change as the redox initiators undergo a redox initiation reaction that triggers the polymerization or curing of the cement. By matching the color transition of the redox color indicator with the onset of gel-state formation of the cement during curing, Maxcem Elite Chroma becomes the first of its kind and the only cement with a revolutionary Color Cleanup Indicator™ technology that simplifies the cleanup process by showing doctors the optimum time to remove excess cement,” Qian says.

Maxcem Elite Chroma, with its patented color redox gel-indicator technology coupled with the effortless One Peel Cleanup™ feature, provides clinicians with a more predictable clinical outcome and elevates their cementation experience.

In addition to the innovative color-redox gel-indicator feature to make the excess cement cleanup easy and effortless, Kerr has incorporated several other unique attributes and enhancements into this cement. “The enhanced bond strength to tooth structure for a more reliable and durable bond, high bond strength to all restorative substrates as a universal cement, excellent esthetic properties (high translucency and superior color stability) for veneer application, high radiopacity for easy detection on x-rays, and enhanced shelf-life stability to ensure effective performance for both fresh and aged products are some of its most valuable and recognized attributes,” stresses Qian.

Compatible with all indirect restorations, Maxcem Elite Chroma can be used with anterior or posterior ceramics, porcelain-fused-to-metal, zirconia and metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials.

Qian adds, “With its simplified self-adhesive restorative procedure, automix dual-syringe delivery, ability to effectively bond to all restorative materials, superior esthetics property (allowing even veneer indication), and extremely easy cleanup with its patented color redox gel indicator technology, Maxcem Elite Chroma is a true universal self-adhesive resin cement indicated for all indirect restorative procedures, with unmatched simplicity and ease of use.” In addition, this cement does not require refrigeration, making storage uncomplicated.

“We have so many clinicians telling us how Maxcem Elite Chroma made their cementation procedures effortless, worry free, and more predictable,” Qian says.

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