September 2015
Volume 36, Issue 9

Excellent Products and Relationships Enable Dental Implant Technologies to Offer Innovative Implantology Solutions Affordably

Denis Slawsby, founder of Dental Implant Technologies, is entering his 26th year representing dental implants and related products. Slawsby’s company represents an extensive range of implants, prosthetic elements, surgical tools, instruments, surgical motors, handpieces, and bone grafting and regenerative materials.

Slawsby says he has been criticized by his staff for taking too many incoming calls for customer orders because they feel this distracts him from other important administrative duties. To them, he says this: “My customers are my number one priority. After 26 years, I’ve developed many long-lasting personal relationships. Not only are these people my customers, they are my friends and my information life-line. I depend on them to keep me informed of industry trends, to provide leads for new products or services, and most important, they are a source of evaluation of our own customer service.”

According to Slawsby, Dental Implant Technologies products go through a rigorous vetting process. This is especially the case with implant manufacturer Hi-Tec Implants Ltd from Israel. “Quality and value are the major factors for product selection. Hi-Tec’s quality of materials, manufacture, and inspection process are the best that I’ve ever witnessed,” he declares.

One of Hi-Tec’s competitive advantages, explains Slawsby, is that several of their products are compatible and interchangeable with some of the top-selling major implant systems, so doctors converting to Hi-Tec experience a “transparent” conversion. “Few, if any, instruments need to be purchased when converting to a compatible implant. The surgical kit and prosthetic drivers are the same as the system they are replacing. Surgical and restorative procedures are very similar—often identical. Doctors find that they can use up existing implants and prosthetics and replace them with the Hi-Tec system. Utilizing existing inventory is a substantial cash-flow bonus for converting offices.”

Slawsby describes the decision process when selecting new products for sale. “The number one consideration is quality, followed by price.” Very often he selects a national branded item. “My customers appreciate that they can purchase a trusted brand name at a competitive price—they also see a savings by eliminating a separate shipment by having one supplier.”

Slawsby observes an “evolution” in the implant industry in the past 6 years, with widespread acceptance of implants as a common form of therapy for missing teeth with a predictable success rate; he also see a recognition among dental professionals that it is not necessary to pay $420 for a quality implant. “Dental Implant Technologies has recognized this trend and taken it a step further; we have limited how and to whom we market, and have passed those savings on to dental professionals. Our customer profile is typically a clinician who has been placing implants for 7 to 10 years and and now places 100 or more per year. Because we attract experienced clinicians, they have already gone through their learning curve. Between the quality of our product and customers, we experience a very low failure rate.”

Hi-Tec has been FDA approved since 1994. Hi-Tec also is ISO 13485:2003, ISO9001:2000 and is approved to use the CE MARK, which means it has demonstrated compliance with Annexll of the medical device directive 93/42/EEC and can therefore use CE marking on its products.

“Our future looks bright. We continue to grow, adding products to meet the needs of our doctors and labs,” he says, noting the following recent catalog additions: ridge split kit, sinus lift kit, broken prosthetic screw remover kit, implant removal kit, and implant insertion guide.”

In conclusion, Slawsby says, “We are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible values in the industry, and we are thankful for the continuing relationship with our customers, who really are our friends, and appreciate the large number of referrals we receive from them and their colleagues and classmates. Revenue from our increased sales volume and operational cost control has generated the income to enable us to maintain our pricing structure, and it is our intent to continue our aggressive posture.”

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