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April 2015
Volume 36, Issue 4

Streamlined Ti-Max Z95L Electric Handpiece Doesn’t Sacrifice Torque and Power

According to Rob Gochoel, Director, Sales & Marketing, NSK Dental, a growing number of dentists are shifting away from porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations and moving toward the use of new stronger materials such as zirconia and lithium disilicate, which he sees as a good thing. “These and other strong materials that more closely mimic the white color of enamel offer significant advantages in durability and esthetics.”

He adds, however, that removing these restorations when necessary—as in the case of treating recurrent decay—can be time-consuming and test a clinician’s patience when using a conventional air-driven handpiece. This, in turn, can negatively impact practice productivity.

Productivity, Gochoel points out, is an important part of proper CAD/CAM system utilization in today’s dentistry. “As more offices incorporate in-office CAD/CAM systems into their practices, there is an even greater focus on productivity. But even practitioners who don’t use CAD/CAM systems can’t afford to get bogged down by using a tool better designed for performing a lower number of crown and bridge procedures.” he advises.

For reasons such as these, Gochoel says, a growing number of dentists are now taking a closer look at incorporating an electric micromotor and electric attachment handpieces into their practices. While they consider this purchase mainly for the purpose of attaining more torque and power, he says, they may not be aware that new electric handpieces, like NSK’s Ti-Max Z95L, not only offer constant cutting power, but they are smaller and lighter than in the past.

“Compared to other electric handpieces, Ti-Max Z95L is considerably lighter, because its body is fabricated from solid titanium, which is 30% lighter than stainless steel, and it has much slimmer head and neck dimensions than competitive electric attachment handpieces,” Gochoel says. Further, he adds, this more streamlined technology offers clinicians vastly improved visibility and accessibility to their preparations. These more compact handpieces are in especially high demand among women, who are entering dental practice in increasing numbers. “Ti-Max Z95L electric handpieces fit their hands better and allow them to practice dentistry more easily,” he suggests.

Along with these benefits, Gochoel adds, the Ti-Max Z95L was engineered to be more durable. “The gears are coated with a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, which is shown in internal tests to improve the lifespan of the gears by 2 to 3 times, thereby increasing handpiece longevity.”

Gochoel says new lighter and better balanced electric handpieces offer balance similar to that experienced by a clinician using a high-speed air-driven handpiece with a coupler, making the transition from air-driven to electric handpieces that much easier. “For dentists who haven’t purchased new electric handpieces in 5 years, they will be amazed at how much the options have improved on these benefits. I believe that in another 5 years, we will see even more improvements.”

To help clinicians scale the learning curve involved in switching from air-driven to electric handpieces, Gochoel says NSK’s full-service distributors and company-employed field sales representatives are poised to provide training and maintenance education. This training and education occurs when product offerings are detailed initially and again when products like electric micromotors and attachment handpieces are installed into an office. “We have reference tools available after installation that office staff can refer back to, ensuring that they are able to maintain the product they purchased properly,” he says. “This will help maximize handpiece longevity and create the most positive experience possible.”

Looking ahead, Gochoel says NSK dental products will continue to stress ease of use and greater productivity by introducing designs that incorporate smaller sizes with improved power performance. “Overall, you can expect to see products that make the practice of dentistry easier and more productive. Saving even a few minutes per procedure and making visibility clearer to allow a clinician to cut a more conservative tooth preparation are reasons that handpiece design will continue to improve. Both dentists and patients will be winners in the future from this perspective.”

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