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September 2014
Volume 35, Issue 8

Overcoming 25 Years of Bone Loss through an Adaptive, Hybrid, Implant-Supported Individual Crown Restoration

When faced with an especially challenging implant case—treating a patient in her 50s who had a failing denture and 25 years of bone loss—Vatche Seraderian, DMD, a Belmont, Massachusetts, private practitioner, chose Bayshore Dental Studio’s SiMPLiCiTY® ICS (Individual Crown System) as an ideal solution for the case.

Working with Husam Sahwil, who leads Bayshore’s Implant team and was the first certified implant technician in Florida, Seraderian faced key challenges as part of the patient’s diagnosis: First, in addition to the patient’s significant bone loss and missing teeth, she also had larger sinuses, requiring close work to the nasal septum. Second, her profile was more concave and her remaining teeth were “a bit horse-shaped and protruded outward,” according to Seraderian.

Eventually, Seraderian recommended six implants for the patient. But after collaborating with Sahwil using Bayshore’s 3D Digital Preview Service (DPS)—an online service that allows two-way communication and CAD/CAM-fabricating precision—a more traditional approach was ruled out.

“DPS quickly showed me that fabricating a PFM bridge using custom abutments was not an option,” Seraderian said. “The crowns would have been too long and subject to cracking or breaking, and the lack of bone thickness did not allow enough stability. It was all right on my screen, so I could see everything and adapt my plan accordingly.”

“We collaborated at least a couple of hours using DPS, and Husam was able to visually show me several options for this patient. Ultimately, we chose the ICS system, and we were then able to design and fabricate this case in extreme detail. It was like having Husam and his design system in my office, and it all worked very well.”

Why Did Bayshore’s SiMPLiCiTY® ICS Work So Well?

According to Sahwil, Seraderian chose Bayshore’s SiMPLiCiTY ICS because it is a proven, hybrid, modular system that offers the adaptability of custom abutments with the stability of a solid titanium structure. For this patient, the SiMPLiCiTY ICS system was ideal in several ways:

• A CAD/CAM titanium bar (substructure) added much-needed stability. It was also treated for optimal concealment, without sacrificing bond strength.

• The bar was carefully designed to accept the correct combination of crowns on the individual abutments, while also improving overall esthetics.

• Hand-applied composite was also painstakingly layered to achieve the most natural and durable gingival prosthetic available.

Future patient care was also a deciding factor in the case. Because SiMPLiCiTY ICS is made up of individual crowns, Seraderian can now easily remove a crown (instead of the entire bar) and have Bayshore replace or repair it using the digital information acquired and stored by the laboratory. The crown can be fabricated and sent to the doctor first, allowing the doctor to replace the crown in a single visit.

Seraderian says he chose Bayshore based on the company’s personalized service and implant expertise, and how Bayshore’s advanced DPS and CAD/CAM technology helped him understand what’s possible in today’s digital world.

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Dr. Vatche Seraderian and Husam Sahwil, Bayshore Dental Studio’s CDT Implant Expert, will share details and lessons learned about this case in a featured continuing education (CE) webinar on Oct. 28.

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