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January 2014
Volume 35, Issue 1

A Material World

Science and dentistry go hand in hand; as science evolves, so does the dental profession. One area of dentistry in particular where scientific advances are abundantly evident is restorative dental materials. From nanohybrids, to bulk-fill composites, to “universal” adhesives and bioactive agents, materials are advancing at a frenetic pace. The end-results are greater efficiencies, esthetics, performance, and, ultimately, clinical outcomes.

Keeping abreast of this increasingly complex category can prove challenging to most busy clinicians. This is one reason why Compendium is publishing this thematic issue on dental materials. Our lineup of experienced, well-respected authors explores recent advances in materials and the implications they have on our daily practices.

Our first CE article, a review of evidence-based dentistry (EBD), underscores the limitations for evidence-based dental materials information that exist at this time. The article explains the types of clinical research designs used to collect evidence, discusses why clinical research evidence for restorative materials is lacking, and provides resources for EBD for dental materials. In our second CE, clinicians are exhorted to reconsider the virtues of glass-ionomer cement (GIC) for use in direct restorations. The author explains how in some cases GIC, due to such attributes as high fluoride release and true hydrophilicity, may be a superior choice when composite resin might not be an ideal solution.

We also review the various classifications of dental ceramics and composite resins, in addition to presenting new research that evaluates the influence of ceramic shades on the surface hardness of resin cements. In addition, a thorough case report discusses provisional material considerations for indirect restorations. The case highlights the value of the information that provisionals afford regarding design, contour, length, shade, and more for anterior restorative treatment.

We hope you find this thematic issue helpful as you sort through the maze of dental materials available. For more, related information, including CE, research, and new products, visit As always, your feedback is welcome at


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

Robert Margeas, DDS
Guest Editor

Robert Faiella Joins Compendium Advisory Board

Compendium welcomes American Dental Association (ADA) Immediate Past-President Robert A. Faiella, DMD, MMSc to its Editorial Advisory Board. Dr. Faiella currently is Director of ADA Business Enterprises, Inc., and has served on various ADA councils and committees. The former president of the Massachusetts Dental Society, Dr. Faiella specializes in periodontology and will be an esteemed addition to Compendium.

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