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June 2013
Volume 34, Issue 6

Ivoclar Vivadent’s “All-Ceramic, All-Options” Philosophy Gives Clinicians Flexibility

For years, Ivoclar Vivadent has produced strong, esthetic, all-ceramic options for clinicians who want to perform metal-free restorative work. Committed to offering dental professionals the most advanced technologies, highest quality products, and a world-class education, Ivoclar Vivadent has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Wieland Dental, and added Wieland’s Zenostar® full-contour zirconia to its all-ceramic options. In combination with the popular IPS e.max® ceramic, the addition of Zenostar to the company’s product line has allowed Ivoclar Vivadent to further its reach into the metal-free market and offer options for clinicians invested in open-ended CAD/CAM solutions.

According to Michael Gaglio, DDS, Vice President of Ivoclar Vivadent, the acquisition of Wieland Dental, and the resulting addition of Zenostar to Ivoclar Vivadent’s arsenal of products, falls in line with the company’s overarching philosophy.

“Ivoclar Vivadent’s philosophy is to provide all-ceramic solutions for all options. Adding Zenostar to those options allows our customers to take advantage of the many different innovations that CAD/CAM technology has to offer, including metal-free restorations made both chairside and in the dental laboratory,” Gaglio explains.

Ivoclar Vivadent’s line of products allows their customers in the dental office and in the laboratory to fabricate all-ceramic restorations in accordance with their desired strength, esthetics, and cementation method. “We want our customers to have the ultimate flexibility to create the type of all-ceramic restorations that they feel are best for any procedure at any time,” says Gaglio. Ivoclar Vivadent offers clinicians and laboratories a number of materials, like the IPS e.max® line, which includes IPS e.max® CAD, IPS e.max® Ceram, and IPS e.max® ZirCAD. Also available are ceramic furnaces, like the Programat® CS, and a variety of products for the cementation and care of these all-ceramic restorations.

IPS e.max CAD is one of Ivoclar Vivadent’s most popular products. An innovative lithium-disilicate glass-ceramic, IPS e.max CAD is ideal for CAD/CAM applications and can be used both chairside and in the laboratory. It combines highly esthetic qualities with exceptional user friendliness, and offers a wide range of translucency levels, shades, and block sizes for optimal adaptability. Milled in a “soft” intermediate state in which the material has a bluish color, IPS e.max CAD goes through a rapid crystallization process that gives the material its final high strength of 360 MPa. It also achieves its final esthetic properties, including tooth color, translucency, and brightness, upon crystalizing. IPS e.max has reached such a level of saturation in the dental market that Ivoclar Vivadent has begun marketing the material directly to consumers through its Smile to the Max!™ campaign (

Wieland Dental’s Zenostar zirconia is used strictly in a laboratory environment. Zenostar’s indications cover everything from single units to 14-unit bridges, and the versatile material is available in six basic shades, which can then be easily characterized to accommodate most patient’s esthetic needs. Zenostar demonstrates high flexural strength, is able to reproduce VITA 3D shades, and offers very high light transmission. It is also a part of a coordinated system that includes the Zenostar Art Module, which consists of stains, glaze, and one-layer ceramic to neatly individualize each restoration.

According to Gaglio, materials like IPS e.max CAD and Zenostar will continue to grow in popularity, as innovations in CAD/CAM technology and the digitalization of the dental workflow have made working with milling machines and all-ceramic materials easier and more cost-effective than ever before. “Digital options are extremely affordable, and with materials like Zenostar and IPS e.max, clinicians are able to achieve excellent results, at a good price, without having to sacrifice strength or esthetics,” he says.

Gaglio concludes, “In the future, Ivoclar Vivadent will continue to do everything we can to meet our customers’ needs in both the operatory and laboratory. As interest in all-ceramics increases, we want to always be a step ahead, anticipating what the industry will need next, while always keeping in mind our ‘all-ceramic, all-options’ philosophy.”

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