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June 2013
Volume 34, Issue 6

D4D: CAD/CAM That's Focused on Faster, Easier, Better—Without Compromise

CAD/CAM technology is most of all about control—and not just for the doctor, says Gary Severance, DDS, Chief Marketing Officer at D4D Technologies. “In general, CAD/CAM benefits every dental professional simply by providing better command of the process," he says.

For the clinician, this means being able to control the process from start to finish, while laboratories gain better control because CAD/CAM eliminates a number of steps. Consequently, he says, "Patients can have better control of their time, with the freedom to receive the finished restoration at their convenience—same day, next day, or 2 weeks if they wish."

D4D, makers of the E4D Dentist CAD/CAM system, strives to continually upgrade and fine-tune its CAD/CAM hardware and software—as well as its processes and services, Severance says—to make the system "faster, easier, and better, without compromise." This, he explains, is achieved by building on to the already successful E4D technology. Examples include increased computer power, as well as improvements such as its chairside dental designer (CDD), which enables assistants and dental technicians to become a part of the restorative cycle, "rather than having the dentist do it all."

Severance is proud of D4D's education and training, which is provided for two team members when the system is purchased. To get new owners up to speed, the company provides 2 days of training, during which the owners learn how to use the system correctly before it is installed in the office. After that, an experienced practitioner works with them in their own clinical setting.

D4D also offers SOS (Support on Sight) support via an 800 number and Internet connection through which technicians can log into the owner's system and view it remotely on a computer screen."Instead of needing to describe the problem, dental team members can work with experts who can actually see what they are experiencing and design the restoration with them, if necessary," Severance explains.

Another benefit of purchasing the D4D system, Severance says, is the support and education offered by the company's partner, Henry Schein Dental. "Because they are the largest distributor in the world—with offices within a 2-hour drive of most locations—there is always someone who can offer not just telephone or online support but physical support, which is especially important if something needs to be fixed or delivered."

Severance emphasizes how E4D CAD/CAM technology enables all parties to "speak the same language," which benefits all team members. He adds that the dentist is "the quarterback who can 'pass' to assistants or the dental laboratory, without compromising service to the patient."

"We provide the tools to make everyone—the laboratory, dental assistants, and technicians, as well as the dentist—a part of the process. This includes being able to send open files to dental laboratories back and forth to make things much more collaborative," he says.

Noting that it is technicians who have been the first to embrace new technology in the past, Severance suggests, "Everyone,s role in the dental environment changes when you embrace technology." This, he says, can be a challenge when one team member resists learning to speak this new "language" due to fears that it will compromise fit or esthetics. "They need to know that chairside systems can deliver beautiful restorations, and that it's an investment in moving forward."

Severance says the company will continue its ongoing quest to constantly improve the E4D system. "We will always be improving the dental team's ability to capture the oral environment, whether it's for diagnosis or for restorative work." In the future, he states, "This will include technologies that will allow us to take laser scanning to a whole new level of speed and accuracy."

The ultimate objective, he says, "is a satisfied patient who receives optimal treatment in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

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