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Jul/Aug 2012
Volume 33, Issue 7

E4D CAD/CAM Systems Put Dental Team in Control

One of the biggest advantages of the use of CAD/CAM in the dental office and laboratory, according to Gary Severance, DDS, Chief Marketing Officer of D4D Technologies, is that the technology has put more control back in the dental professional’s hands. “CAD/CAM has reduced the number of variables associated with indirect restorations, providing more consistency in capturing, designing, and fabricating them case after case” says Severance.

The technology also offers the clinician flexibility in patient scheduling—whether that is during the same appointment, same day, or another day, says Severance. “CAD/CAM technology enhances convenience. It gives the capability of reducing the number of dental visits and the time between appointments, providing more options for comprehensive care.”

D4D Technologies, a high-tech medical device company focused on 3-dimensional (3-D) digitizing applications, offers a suite of innovative CAD/CAM products and software. The E4D® Dentist System, as well as its associated products—E4D® DentaLogic™ restorative design software, E4D® Compass™ cone beam pairing software, and E4D® Compare™ dental school evaluation software—were created with the goal of maximizing CAD/CAM ease of use and system capabilities. The E4D Dentist is a complete chairside CAD/CAM system for digital impressioning, designing, and fabricating metal-free inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers in the dental office. It also allows the clinician to collaborate directly with lab technicians and other services through the E4D® Sky network.

Severance believes that utilizing the complete dental team—assistants, technicians, and clinicians—in the restorative cycle, helps maximize production for the practice. “Dentistry is a team sport. When each member is a part of the process and understands the team’s capabilities, it leads to more control, convenience, and profitability,” he says. “D4D has created a whole new category and certification program in the profession—the C.D.D.—a CAD/CAM Dental Designer certification program that amplifies the value of digital competency in the restorative cycle of offices integrating CAD/CAM.”

With new CAD/CAM technology, roles in the process of creating restorations are evolving, Severance explains. “We see more and more laboratories embracing digital options and the dentist’s utilization of chairside CAD/CAM dentistry. Networks like E4D Sky provide an open channel for digital information transfer between clinicians, technicians, and other digital modalities and provides greater opportunity in every aspect of diagnosis and comprehensive care. Digital information exchange gives technicians an open format to work on treatment plans and restorations virtually, and enables them to reach out for input as well as showcase their skills,” he says.

Severance understands that many clinicians are hesitant to digitize their practices, but he believes CAD/CAM technology can provide a more consistent and profitable outcome than many conventional methods. “The integration of CAD/CAM technology into a practice’s everyday routine should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a challenge,” he suggests.

D4D Technologies offers an extensive education and support platform for everyone that uses the company’s products. “Our customers are doing more than just adding a piece of equipment to their practice or laboratory; they are making a productive addition to their everyday business,” Severance states. D4D spends a significant amount of time providing training to its customers to give them a stable foundation in CAD/CAM.

“We provide fundamental education and send an integration specialist to sit chairside for a day to work with the office personnel in implementing all phases of the procedure successfully,” he says. “We also offer continuing support through our innovative SOS (Support on Sight) where dental assistants, technicians, and hardware and software experts can remotely access any of our systems in the field and assist customers with design questions, troubleshooting, or general information.”

CAD/CAM is a rapidly growing field, and Severance predicts it will continue to evolve at a fast pace. “D4D plans on continuing to dream, design, develop, and deliver innovative CAD/CAM solutions that make dentistry better for clinicians, technicians, and patients.”

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