Nov/Dec 2011
Volume 32, Issue 9

NTI-tss Plus: A Unique Bruxism Treatment Device

A full-service dental laboratory with a milling center that manufactures crowns, bridges, dentures, specialty appliances, and metal-free esthetic restorations, Keller Laboratories, Inc. adheres to four core values: accuracy, integrity, enthusiasm, and team spirit. All have contributed to the cutting-edge technology, quality materials, and superior customer experience that distinguish Keller in the dental industry. The company is particularly proud of its NTI-tss Plus™ Bite Guard, made from its proprietary Crystal Clear 450® material.

The NTI-tss protocol is FDA approved for the Prevention of Medically Diagnosed Migraine Pain and Jaw Disorders through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity. Also able to function as an alternative to full-coverage bite guards, NTI-tss Plus treats migraines and tension headaches by reducing the intensity of jaw clenching while a patient is sleeping. The device is also effective in reducing tooth wear from bruxing. By preventing canine and posterior contact in all excursions, the device suppresses clenching intensity by almost 70%.

Brad Chott, CDT, Specialty Appliance Manager, says the NTI-tss Plus’s patented design and the Crystal Clear 450 thermoplastic material combine to make it a truly unique product. The material is injected-molded under 450 pounds of pressure and under extremely high heat, making it so dense that it actually strengthens the NTI-tss Plus to the point of being clinically unbreakable. There is no shrinkage with the production process, nor does the material absorb stains or odors. In addition to the injection-molding process providing optimum fit and durability for the patient, Crystal Clear 450 is proven to last three times longer than conventional acrylics, according to Chott.

To assist the clinicians in the process of prescribing the NTI-tss Plus, Keller has created a wealth of easy-to-use, free educational resources. Keller provides an informative, easily accessible series of brief tutorial videos at www.kellerlab.com. “The series of videos range in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and can help clinicians choose the NTI design and arch choice that’s best suited for their patients. They’re really just a quick reference on everything from arch choice to adjustment tips that will save the dentist chairtime,” says Chott.

Keller also offers free NTI-tss Plus samples and patient brochures to practices to grow patient awareness and increase case acceptance. “Any time a patient can touch and hold a device, understand what it looks like, feels like, and how it works, case acceptance is almost guaranteed, especially for patients that previously wore full-arch splints,” Chott states. “We also offer an NTI Design Chart that shows arch choice indications and specifications for available designs. The chart helps guide clinicians in any situation, so they are able to provide patients with the design best suited for their situation.”

The reference materials are not the only way that Keller provides resources for its clients. “We try to offer as much information as we can to the clinicians, whether it’s a fact sheet or webinars,” says Chott, who notes that recently Keller has hosted a number of sleep dentistry and medical billing webinars aimed at educating dentists about new services they can offer.

In addition to the NTI-tss Plus, Keller has more than 60 years of experience producing crowns and bridges and prides itself in offering dentists quality results coupled with good value, according to Chott. Among its product line is the IPS e.max® full-contoured, pressed lithium-disilicate restoration and the BruxZir® total zirconia crowns. Also, Keller features a range of removables, including ClearFrame® and DuraFlex™ partials along with a full array of traditional denture products. The company’s knowledgeable communications team, says Chott, is well able to assist clinicians, whether it’s in-depth case evaluation or sharing practice-building tips.

Keller is excited about its future, particularly with the NTI-tss Plus, says Chott. “Our emphasis continues to be on building relationships with dental professionals who share our commitment to quality and providing the best available patient care,” he states.

Keller Laboratories, Inc.
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