Nov/Dec 2011
Volume 32, Issue 9

LSK121 Offers Creative Dental Lab Solutions

Established in 1996, LSK121 Oral Prosthetics is a full-service dental laboratory owned and operated by Luke S. Kahng, CDT. A dental technician for more than 20 years, Kahng is the inventor of the Chairside Shade Selection Guide™, which he says is “designed to provide a perfect restoration for each patient every time it is followed.”

While Kahng is proud of how his company’s shade guide assists clinicians in achieving excellent dental esthetics, he notes that LSK121 also specializes in all-on-4 implant dentistry, which enables immediate-function, full-arch, implant-supported prosthetics. This treatment concept, he says, “has taken the world by storm.” Citing his lab’s experience with all-on-4 cases, he comments, “We understand the sensitivities and differences between the correct frame design technique methods for acrylic versus ceramic teeth, and because of our extensive experience with titanium hybrid bars, we are able to adapt properly to the various CAD/CAM systems.”

Kahng says the question of material choice—acrylic versus ceramic—is an important part of the patient-clinician treatment discussion. While he believes patients should be allowed to make that choice for themselves, he readily admits to a bias in favor of porcelain for practical reasons. “Looking at the longevity of these cases, we must take into consideration how often the dentist cleans the denture teeth or how many times patients have to replace them due to unavoidable staining. When that is considered, patients are probably not saving time or money with dentures over the long run. Overall, patients will feel better and healthier with ceramic teeth in place because their appearance will not change over the years,” he explains.

Considered a key opinion leader for GC America Inc. (www.gcamerica.com), Kahng says he is especially knowledgeable about the GC Initial™ Ti Porcelain System. “This particular type of porcelain has a very specific indication for working with titanium. Instructions are precise and must be followed to the letter. When they are—something LSK121 makes a point of ensuring—the results are truly astounding.”

He adds that LSK121’s implant expertise also encompasses multiple units or bridges, using all systems, whether screw- or cement-retained.

Kahng believes that communication is a key to successful case outcomes, and LSK121’s Kaleidoscope Wax-Up™ is a powerful tool for increasing case acceptance and obtaining excellent final results. Explaining the difference between the Kaleidoscope Wax-Up and a diagnostic wax-up, Kahng says, “In communicating with patients about function, smile selection design, and occlusion, the clinician can use the wax-up as a quality template to help them understand how their individual case will be constructed. This can help improve case acceptance and can also be used in the creation of the provisionals.”

Kaleidoscope Wax-Ups, says Kahng, offer detailed esthetic and smile selection design; outstanding occlusion morphology and contour as a guide for understanding a full-mouth case; exact preparation design, taking into consideration old composites, misalignment, and open diastema, among other issues; and detailed tissue design to eliminate irregular gingival contour.

In addition, the wax-up can be used as a guide for future communication with the laboratory and can help provide patients with a detailed blueprint of the appearance of their final smile. “It also gives the clinician confidence in discussing the treatment plan, and the patient self-assurance in accepting it,” he adds.

Summing up LSK121’s wide-ranging capabilities, Kahng says, “Whether you are looking for an esthetic restoration or a hybrid bar, we offer our clients high-quality work, products, and services at a competitive price.”

LSK121 Oral Prosthetics
940 East Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL 60563

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