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March 2011
Volume 32, Issue 2

Versatile High Performance Adhesive Materials From Ivoclar Vivadent

The future of adhesive dentistry is a very exciting dimension of restorative dentistry, according to George Tysowsky, DDS, Vice President–Technology. "It will be important not only to enhance the performance of these materials, but to also improve their ease of use," he explains. "The materials that are available now can provide excellent results, but they are extremely variable due to sensitivity of application technique. Materials that can be applied easily—with high sealing ability and low postoperative sensitivity—represent the future."

As for current adhesive technology, Tysowsky believes that total-etch is still the benchmark of the dental industry. "Reliability of bond strengths and the sealing capabilities of these materials have been documented in multiple clinical and laboratory studies," he says. "However, self-etch adhesives are one of the fastest growing material segments in the dental industry." He points to their ease of use and ability to minimize postoperative sensitivity—features that have made self-etch a very attractive alternative.

"Simplicity has been a key factor for their popularity," he says. "Furthermore, these materials have undergone significant technical improvements since the launch of the first self-etching adhesives."

Versatility in adhesive materials is essential to the demands of modern dentistry. "At Ivoclar Vivadent, we offer versatility through a selection of high-performance adhesive materials including both total-etch and self-etch adhesives," Tysowsky says. The company’s traditional total-etch adhesives include Syntac® (fourth generation) and ExciTE® F and ExciTE® F DSC (fifth generation). Self-etch adhesives include AdheSE® (sixth generation) and AdheSE® One F (seventh generation.)

In addition to its advanced adhesive technology, the company recognizes the importance of convenience factors for its customers. "Therefore, our unique VivaPen delivery system was designed with their needs in mind," Tysowsky says. "It offers the ease of use of single delivery and controlled application."

The company believes that educating clinicians is an important factor to emphasize the proper performance of adhesives. "Adhesive dentistry is an important element to restorative dentistry," Tysowsky says. "Therefore, proper technique is critical to the success of final restorations. We pride ourselves on offering educational webinars, technique guides, and proper instructions for use to enhance treatment outcomes."

Future product developments by Ivoclar Vivadent will include the simplification of adhesives and application techniques. "More forgiving formulation and delivery systems will be critical for our customers," Tysowsky says. "Adhesives that can be used in a variety of clinical situations will also simplify the process and allow for more predictable results—which will be a great advantage for clinicians and their patients."

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