September 2010
Volume 31, Issue 7

Hiossen Provides Full Range of Implants

From the beginning to the advanced stages, “we support our customers not only as a company, but with hands-on technical education from our mentors and expert faculty,” says Peter Lee, Marketing and Business Development Manager. “For our courses in general and advanced implantology, our faculty is required to have at least 10 to 15 years of experience in implants before they join us.”

Hiossen offers training programs throughout the year nationwide. “As more people are interested in joining us, we’ll open up more courses,” he says. “There’s a web site for the training program, which shows what we have done so far. In addition, the site delves into implant practices around the world—Russia and China, for example—giving a sneak peek into learning about what’s being done globally, not just in the U.S.” The web site address is http://www.aicimplant.com.

According to Lee, most manufacturers today recognize the need to make their implant products more efficient. “With regard to technology, the procedure to place implants has been greatly simplified,” Lee says. “Just several years ago, the clinician would have to go through multiple processes. But with our tapered implants, for instance, the steps are significantly reduced, so that placing an implant is much easier.

“Now more and more dentists, especially general dentists, are becoming included in this secret world of implants. As they’ve become much more aware of the possibilities of this treatment option, they’re training to place their own implants. So there will be a gradual increase in patients with diverse demographics, backgrounds, and oral healthcare needs.”

With its range of highly successful products, Hiossen is exceeding the demands of this growing market. “We offer a wide variety of implants for different dentists with particular requirements and habits,” Lee says. “People are creatures of habit, so they like to stick with what they know. Therefore, we’ll continue to provide clinicians with a full assortment of implant types, kits, and tools, so that we can service and support everyone, from the specialists to the GPs. For example, we offer a great mini line, which is becoming more and more popular these days. Some patients don’t have the financial means to go with a full implant. But because the surgery is extremely simple with the mini implant, there’s a reduction in time and costs.”

Lee notes that the company will be introducing several different implants in the near future. “One is called the TS implant, which incorporates a small change in design: it will be able to be implanted aggressively and have better stability. Also coming soon is a new surface technology formulation to provide better integration and stability. Then our next step is a new nanocoating technology, which will help to better adhere the coating to the surface of the titanium and to the bone, providing much greater osseoinduction and stability. For the near future, the entire industry is looking much more into biomaterials for better cohesion, using natural ways of inducing the integration. We are working on that as well. We have a protein called PEP 7 going through clinical trials, which is looking very good.”

Summing up the company’s mission, Lee concludes, “We feel we are working hard for the well-being of everyone. Many studies are coming out showing correlations between oral and systemic health. Implants are a way to solve a lot of different problems; they improve quality of life. Creating a healthy jaw bone and a functional tooth is a great benefit for patients. Being able to chew food sufficiently and do everything normally is extremely important—and implants are definitely the way to go.”

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