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April 2010
Volume 31, Issue 3

Lares Research—Shaping the Future of Laser Dentistry

In the opinion of Craig Lares, President of Lares Research, today’s all-tissue laser technology is poised to become the dominant cutting method for hard and soft oral tissues in dentistry. “The benefits to the patient and the dentist are overwhelming,” he says. “Dentists who attend our national seminars are really surprised at the hard-tissue performance—and the compelling return on investment opportunity.

“With earlier model hard-tissue lasers, cutting was very slow and sensitivity high, but not anymore,” Lares explains. “Our PowerLase® AT represents a breakthrough in hard-tissue cutting and is truly superior to air or electric handpieces. It’s extremely efficient for the dentist. PowerLase is the first and only laser that combines efficient tooth cutting with minimal patient sensitivity—and we know that patients love avoiding a shot and leaving the office numb.”

Lares notes that hard- and soft-tissue lasers have greatly improved since the early models in terms of performance, reliability, and cost of ownership. “Lasers can be used for more and more minimally invasive procedures, increasing their value to the dentist.” For example, a dentist can quickly and easily clean and debride root canals in any location in the mouth and without regard for canal shape, using the PowerLase AT and the PIPS™ protocol (Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming™).

Using the WPT™ protocol (Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy™), dentists can remove calculus from the root surface and treat the soft-tissue side of the pocket in one easy laser procedure without any scalpels or sutures. Lares says, “Both these procedures drive tremendous ROI for the dentist and can reignite practice income growth, even in these challenging economic times.”

Training is crucial to becoming a successful laser dentist. Lares Research offers an initial 2-day Total Immersion Course with hands-on opportunities and live patient demonstrations, as well as three additional 2-day Advanced Level Training Courses on periodontics, endodontics, and advanced restorative techniques. “Our instructors are pioneers in laser dentistry, and their pupils go home thrilled with their experience—and the new opportunities for patient care.” The company also provides a series of Live Patient Videos on its website, demonstrating the full range of procedures and techniques. Also available is the option of in-office coaching by a laser clinician.

Lares Research, with more than 50 years of production experience, is looking forward to contributing to the future development of laser technology. “The company is incredibly bullish on laser dentistry, and Lares Research will offer dentists dramatic increases in laser ROI and patient satisfaction in the next 5 years,” Lares says. “Watch for it!”

Lares Research
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