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April 2010
Volume 31, Issue 3

Biolase Introduces iLase

In the fast-changing world of laser dentistry, a company’s reputation for innovation is essential. As David Mulder, CEO of Biolase Technology, explains, “Our dental laser innovation is very important to dentists. We’ve already trained 13,000 dentists around the world. We are a leader, we’ve been a leader for 23 years, and we’re going to be a leader in the future. We’re going to be there for them with products, education, and support.” The company’s approach to laser dentistry is completely hands-on, Mulder adds. “Right here in this location, Irvine, CA, we have our own R&D and engineering teams, and our own manufacturing and quality control.”

Craig Rubinoff, DDS, says, “What makes Biolase technology valuable to my practice is that it is superior technology. I am able to treat my patients more effectively and comfortably, with less bleeding and discomfort—and obtain superior results.”

The company is introducing a new diode laser: iLase. According to Bing Kongmebhol, Senior Product Manager, this soft-tissue laser is different from any laser currently on the market. “This is the world’s first personal dental laser. We’ve taken all the components of a laser system and miniaturized them to fit into a handpiece.” The battery-powered iLase is about 7.5 inches long with a diameter of about 3/4 inch—the size of a big marking pen. Everything the operator needs is in the laser handpiece itself: It has all the controls required to program the laser and is operated by a finger switch.

The iLase is the first dental laser that does not use a foot switch—it’s activated only by the finger switch. “You don’t have a foot pedal to be looking for as you get to different parts of the mouth. You just point and shoot,” says David Eshom, DDS.

Mulder says, “Now with the iLase, we have the best entry-level personal laser in the world for hygienists and dentists for all soft tissue.”

The iLase offers preset values, which are preprogrammed for the dentist to select easily. Thomas Rolfes, DDS, says, “We use it for multiple procedures. And if we can change a setting and go right to that second procedure, that helps our patients.” In addition, the iLase is user-friendly—most operators become comfortable with it quickly. Eshom agrees: “It’s so easy—a new hygienist can pick this up and get to work in a very short time.”

The iLase includes a proprietary pulse emission modality, called ComfortPulse. With this feature, the clinician can create very short pulses with high peak power, producing minimal trauma while cutting soft tissue. Rolfes says, “The ComfortPulse specifically is helpful in minimizing thermal damage, increasing healing and patient comfort.”

“It can be taken with you from operatory to operatory. You can carry it in one hand, put it on a tray, put it in your pocket—that’s why we call it the personal laser,” Kongmebhol says. “We want every dentist or hygienist to have it as part of their regular set of instruments. We believe the iLase is really going to change the way dentistry is practiced.”

As Mulder concludes, “Biolase now offers a solution for every dentist. The iLase is the ideal entry-level soft-tissue laser; the ezlase offers advanced soft-tissue procedures, whitening, and pain therapy; and the Waterlase MD Turbo is the best all-tissue laser for minimally invasive dentistry.”

Biolase Technology
4 Cromwell, Irvine, CA 92618

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