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April 2010
Volume 31, Issue 3

AMD Provides Leadership in Laser Dentistry

It’s been an amazing year for this industry, says Alan Miller, President and CEO of AMD Lasers. “We’ve been pushing for affordable laser dentistry, and now the pricing has come down significantly. At the same time, awareness is up. Patients are well educated, and they expect when they walk into a dental office that the clinician will be using lasers. Finally, we’re beginning to see more dentists putting down the scalpel and picking up a laser.”

As Miller explains, soft-tissue lasers have become a solid asset for many practices. “The return on investment for lasers is one of the best in the industry, especially at the price point of AMD’s Picasso soft-tissue diode laser. It’s become much easier for dentists to use one immediately—and daily—for the benefit of their patients.”

In addition, the opportunities to use lasers in dentistry are expanding. “We are seeing them used not only in surgery but for a number of simple things such as troughing, or gingivectomies in cosmetic cases, or treatment for canker sores/herpetic lesions. Dentists who are performing implants love lasers because they can uncover their implant very quickly. Yet another use is the treatment of periodontal disease, because lasers have a decontamination effect.”

Taking full advantage of the laser’s uses often depends on the level of training offered by the company. “Every unit that AMD ships comes with a training DVD and a laser certification course with 6 AGD PACE-approved CE credits,” Miller says. The company also offers the International Center for Laser Education, which provides high-quality, affordable laser education in different formats: online video courses, laser forums, regional training centers, laser coaching, in-office training, webinars, and regional seminars. “We are the number one selling laser company in the world right now,” Miller says, “and we consider that a huge responsibility. We need to make sure we’re not only supplying the product but also giving world-class education and support.

“We spent over 2 years in R&D before we launched the Picasso laser, making sure it really did meet the needs of dentists—portable, sleek-looking, affordable, and easy to use, with very low ongoing operating costs. Next, we launched the Picasso Lite, which is even easier to use at half the price. At this time, we have two more soft-tissue lasers in development, along with the first truly affordable hard-tissue laser.”

Miller believes that in the next 5 years, there will be a huge surge in the use of lasers because of the affordability. “It really is becoming the standard of care. Also, universities are now incorporating lasers into their curriculum, which is fantastic. All these new dentists are starting their practices already trained on lasers.

“We know dentists want lasers. We know they want lasers they can actually afford and reduce the risk of purchasing equipment that they don’t use. It’s one thing to sell a product, but another to sell a complete solution. And that’s what AMD Lasers does. We have one mission, one goal: to put a laser in every office and every operatory.”

AMD Lasers, LLC
7405 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46240

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