Jan/Feb 2010
Volume 31, Issue 1

Parkell: Integrated, Leading-Edge Endodontic Products

The people at Parkell know how to help their customers be successful—by staying ahead of trends in this constantly changing industry and providing an integrated range of solutions. Michael Karter, DDS, a practicing dentist and part-time consultant who evaluates products for the company, points to changing ideas about the preservation of tooth structure and the importance of esthetic restorations as an example. “While posts continue to be an integral part of restorative dentists’ practice, with the trend towards preserving tooth structure, there are situations where a bonded amalgam or bonded composite core may be a more appropriate treatment option,” he says. “Also, instead of viewing the post as an independent element, we’re now looking at it as part of the overall restorative complex, which includes the crown, the cement used to adhere the crown to the core, the post, and the cement used with the post. All of these components are an integral part of the overall restoration and should be viewed as such. After all, the completed restoration is only as strong as the weakest component of the restorative complex. When that component fails, the entire restoration fails.”

Parkell continues to manufacture reliable products to address these issues, beginning with the C-I Posts, which are produced in two different sizes and available in white glass fiber, surgical stainless steel, or as plastic burn out posts for casting. “These posts have very good retention, and a nice head that’s bulked up so that it’s less prone to fracture at the core line,” Karter explains. “They exhibit strength and excellent fracture resistance when compared to other posts in the same categories.”

Karter continues, “Parkell’s products are designed to work in combination for creating a solid, durable restoration. Besides C&B-Metabond® and SEcure, I have also used Absolute Dentin and HyperFIL as post cements. The company’s bonding agents Brush&Bond® and Amalgambond® are excellent for creating a strong hybridized interphase between the post cement and the dentinal tubules in the canal. Depending on the material make-up of the post or crown, there are enhancers that will increase bond strength between components. Etch-Free [a porcelain silane primer that does not require the use of caustic hydrofluoric acid] will augment the bond between porcelain and resin cements, while the V-Primer for metal increases the bond strength between noble or semi-precious metals and resin cements.”

This breadth of products Parkell offers can address any posting or coring situation when the proper components are used. To help clinicians in their selection, the company provides the unique opportunity to speak directly to two on-staff dentists who are available to answer customer phone calls. “On a daily basis we’re talking to dentists who are out in the trenches doing a wide array of procedures,” Karter says. “I don’t think that any other company provides the extensive contact with the customer that we do.

“Our website continues to evolve with additional product information,” Karter continues, “including detailed step-by-step information on how to do specific procedures. I’m working on an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses a variety of questions clinicians have had or might have about the use of our products. It comes down to this—we’re always looking to provide useful tools and knowledge that serves our customers and makes them more successful.”

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