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October 2009
Volume 30, Issue 8

Parkell Emphasizes Quality in Innovative Adhesive Technology

Parkell Inc’s confidence in their products is the result of a relentless devotion to their craft. One example of their emphasis on quality is Brush&Bond™, the company’s current, no-etch desensitizing and bonding system.

“Brush&Bond is a self-etch, one-bottle, one-coat system that desensitizes, enhances the surface hardness of the preparation and creates an acid resistant hybrid layer in addition to sealing the tubules. The material is mixed with a chemically impregnated activator brush that allows the material to be dual cured,” says Tree Mainella, Director of Marketing. “Brush&Bond is considered a 6th generation system because of the components. However, it is a ‘one-bottle’ adhesive that makes good use of the brush applicator.

“Some dentists prefer a total etch technique,” she says. “Brush&Bond may easily be transformed to a total etch system by simply using a phosphoric acid etchant prior to the Brush&Bond (in particular, on uncut enamel). The activator brush provides the dual cure component and the B&B liquid includes the etchant and primer. This is the beauty of the Brush&Bond system, it’s that versatile.”

Parkell is known for its exclusive 4-META chemistry. “4-META (4-methacryloxyethyl trimellitate anhydride) contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups which allows greater monomer penetration into dentin and results in improved adhesion of resins to tooth substrates. Ultimately, Brush&Bond creates a strong, bonded, tripolymer barrier that is acid resistant and protects the tooth against decalcification, pathogens and leaky margins. It’s like a suit of armor.”

A recent addition to the system, the Mini/Endo B&B Activator brushes are good for accessing post holes and smaller areas.

Regular surveys of dentists and hygienists help the company hone its products more effectively. “We simply ask what works for them and what doesn’t, and this is how we generate product improvements and enhancements,” she says.

Mainella urges dentists to use Parkell’s educational opportunities. The company produces a publication called Parkell Today and has a Web site for continuing education (CE). The CE Web site is at and affords 24/7 access to clinicians.

The company also staffs two dentists for technical support. “These are our vehicles for delivering CE and support to practitioners,” she says.

Because Parkell’s greatest success in adhesives has been its 4-META chemistry, the company plans to continue expanding and developing this technology. “This technology is proven and continues to deliver great results for the dentists and their patients.” Mainella says.

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