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October 2009
Volume 30, Issue 8

Heraeus Kulzer: Global Leader in Adhesive Technology

The name Heraeus Kulzer represents a global, privately owned company that is rich in tradition and success—a rare combination in today’s business world. Since its inception 150 years ago, Heraeus continues its dedication to innovation and product developments.

“From brainstorming to calibrations standards, Heraeus utilizes all facets of its scientific management resources around the world to guide a very deliberate path forward,” says Sonny Serreno, Director of Product Development.

“Heraeus is a company with many product firsts, one of which is iBOND®—the first self-etch bonding agent,” says Jennifer Kalinowski, Product Manager. Since the product’s launch in 2002, the company has maintained its position as a leader in the self-etch market. In 2007 Heraeus further modified and improved the formula to increase bond strength to both dentin and enamel and to minimize technique sensitivity.

“iBOND® Total Etch is the NEW etch-and-rinse bonding system from Heraeus that is the epitome of high performance due to its high bond strength, marginal quality, and easy and convenient handling and application,” she says. “This product is clinically proven and supported by 15 studies worldwide.”

iBOND Total Etch primes, bonds, and desensitizes with one-coat application. The product contains unique nano-fillers, which increase the intrinsic bond strength of the adhesive while polymeric monomers improve the consistency, allowing for one-coat application. In addition, new stabilizers improve the storage capability and allow for room temperature storage.

Due to the innovative system based on nano-fillers, iBOND Total Etch not only attains high bond strengths both on enamel and dentin but also ensures optimal marginal adaptation. The product is ideal for desensitizing hypersensitive areas.

“These outstanding properties have been verified and confirmed by numerous universities and dental practitioners worldwide,” Kalinowski says.

iBOND Total Etch is indicated for bonding of direct composite restorations, indirect restorations, and sealing of hypersensitive areas of teeth.

The company is introducing the Assortment Kit, which will contain the iBOND Total Etch adhesive and iBOND (phosphoric) Etch. This kit will complete the iBOND Total Etch and Rinse bonding system and ultimately provide a complete and cost-effective option for the dentist’s adhesive needs.

“Heraeus Research and Product Development is always in constant forward motion, working on developing the next improvement or innovation in dental materials,” Kalinowski says.

Heraeus works closely with the top cosmetic dentists and many leading industry opinion leaders to help create technologically superior materials and techniques. The company also collaborates with the leading educational esthetic entities, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and The Pankey Institute, to provide ongoing opportunities for advanced dental education.

“Active alliance is principal in achieving our mutual goals—providing patients with the healthiest and most beautiful new smiles possible,” Kalinowski says.

Continuing education (CE) is paramount to the company. “Heraeus believes that every successful company has a responsibility to use its resources to positively impact the world and its people,” she says.

Heraeus offers an electronic CE program via the iPod® Touch. It has transformed the way dentists receive content, earn CE credits, and access information.

“Doctors can receive live-patient and management and product training right from the palm of their hands,” says Nicole Turner, Director of Marketing. “We have a growing consultative sales team in North America who are trained on adhesive and restorative dentistry and have a wealth of product knowledge to assist any dentist in making the appropriate bonding adhesive choice to meet the dentist’s needs, whether it be based on technique, skill, experience, or preference.”

Heraeus also provides training and tools to help dental professionals at all levels realize their potential. Heraeus has sponsored more than 1000 CE courses since 2006, as well as conducted hundreds of in-vitro tests, field tests, surveys, one-on-one interviews with key opinion leaders, hands-on courses, and study clubs. Through educational programs and hands-on lectures, the company’s opinion leaders speak about their own experiences and educate audiences regarding the use of various bonding methods and products. The benefits and possible outcomes of which technique to use in each case are discussed at length.

“Heraeus empowers dental professionals to provide patients with the most natural-looking restorations, while respecting a healthy and conservative approach to clinical dentistry,” Turner says. “Through innovative strength, visionary concepts, and entrepreneurial courage, Heraeus has consistently pursued its strategy of delivering cutting-edge superior products while recognizing its corporate social responsibility.”

Heraeus Kulzer, LLC
300 Heraeus Way, South Bend, IN 46614
Phone: (800) 431-1785
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