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September 2009
Volume 30, Issue 7

Premier® Dental Products Offers Implant-compatible Instruments and Cement Designed for Implants

Premier Dental Products Company, founded in 1913, is a fourth-generation family-owned manufacturing and distribution company. “Premier is not an implant company per se,” says Product Manager Anne Coyne. “However, we offer several unique implant-related products. Our implant cement is made specifically for implant crowns, and only our plastic PerioWise® periodontal probes have the green-colored ‘go’ and red ‘stop’ measurements.”

Premier® Implant Cement is a noneugenol temporary resin cement designed for implant-retained crowns and provisionals. It provides secure retention and an excellent marginal seal. However, if the crown needs to be removed for adjustments or periodontal treatment, it can be done without destroying it.

“Premier Implant Cement is a very tough elastomeric resin that uses mechanical retention to adhere the crown to the abutment,” Coyne explains. “It has the ability to bend during mastication, but it will never become brittle, wash out, or come off unless you want it to.”

Premier PerioWise periodontal probes are white, plastic, and autoclavable and have some flexibility and a rounded tip. This provides greater comfort for the patient. A very visible green line is at the 3-mm mark, and a red line at the depth that indicates the possibility of periodontal disease. PerioWise probes are suitable for daily use and as educational tools and are safe around implants. “Black color coding is hard to see on a reflective metal surface,” Coyne explains. “PerioWise probes are very user friendly and easy to read.”

Premier also offers two implant scalers—Facial (Goldman Fox style) and Universal (Columbia style). Both are made of high-density graphite, are autoclavable, and can be resharpened.

Premier Dental has partnered with dental professionals to offer continuing education courses and product training on topics ranging from cementing and adhesive procedures to tissue management, as well as prosthodontic and endodontic techniques. Courses designed for hygienists include ACP technology, instrument sharpening, and tooth whitening.

Premier Dental invites practitioners to contact them with comments and ideas for new products. The company will continue researching, developing, and offering implant-compatible products because of the market’s continuing growth. Coyne attributes the growth to the baby boomer population and their significant buying power; the decreasing costs of the procedure; greater availability of practitioners specializing in implants; and the evolution of implant technologies, science, and materials.

“These factors together are driving the growth in this area,” Coyne comments. “Today, implant specialists have much better tools to make their jobs easier and more precise.”

Premier® Dental Products Company
1710 Romano Drive, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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