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September 2009
Volume 30, Issue 7

New Dimensions in Treatment Planning: CBCT Scanners From PreXion

Many factors are affecting the growth of implant dentistry, notes Robert Meier, President of PreXion, Inc—a fast-growing California-based company offering cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanners to dental practices. He points to the technical advances that are increasing the success rates of implants: new materials and designs, and better treatment planning using computed tomography (CT) scanners.

“With CBCT, dentistry has taken a huge leap—literally adding a new dimension to assessment and planning,” Meier says. “2D provides limited information but the 3-dimensional images from a CT scanner give the dentist all the data and diagnostic tools to evaluate the area.” The images also provide invaluable information to the patient. “Now when patients come into the practice, the dentist can show them an impacted tooth, lesion, bone loss, or whatever their situation is and what needs to be done. This makes it easier for them to accept an implant and other treatments—they feel more secure in their decision.”

Meier says that while CT scanning has been in use in the medical industry, it’s still relatively new to dental practices. “But it’s really gaining traction now, so there’s a huge demand for additional information from the dental side. Of course, dentists are concerned about accurately assessing the functionality and cost of any kind of new technology in their day-to-day practice, and PreXion products are designed to fit their needs.”

In addition to being the leader in imaging detail and resolution, the PreXion 3D CBCT Scanner and the PreXion 3D Viewer offer ease-of-use, compact design, networking capability, and real-time volume rendering, along with four different scanning modes and simultaneous panoramic images.

For PreXion, it’s also what happens after the sale that makes the difference: ongoing training and customer service. Meier says, “The system is easy to use and we provide extensive training when a system is first purchased. There is still a lot of information to absorb, though. Therefore, we offer online re-training courses, so that users can review and advance their knowledge.”

Superior customer service is a key component of PreXion’s corporate philosophy. “We have good contact with our customers,” Meier says. “We have very fast response times, and we employ our own dedicated support staff for CBCT to assure the best customer service.” That even includes providing dentists with marketing and educational materials to help promote their technology-advanced practice and educate their patients of the scanner’s benefits.

To promote the use of scanners in general, PreXion supports educational programs for professionals. “These programs are not necessarily focused on PreXion’s scanner specifically,” Meier says. “Instead, well-known specialists lecture about CBCT and its applications. These specialists are enthusiastic about the use of CBCT scanners in dental practices, and they like to get the word out.”

PreXion is a split-off from TeraRecon, Inc, which develops image visualization software for medical-grade CT scanners and has thousands of units, with more than 10,000 users, installed worldwide. Therefore, even though PreXion is a newer company, “that experience has transferred directly to us,” Meier says. “We have the knowledge to address current needs, and at the same time, plan ahead for products that people haven’t even begun to think about.”

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