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September 2009
Volume 30, Issue 7

Hiossen Introduces the New HG III Implant

Hiossen Inc is the US subsidiary of the Osstem Company based in South Korea, which has been manufacturing dental implants for 12 years. Opening 3 years ago and now with 10 offices across the country, Hiossen has grown along with the recent growth seen in implant dentistry.

Justin Tarpey, Marketing Coordinator, says, “Several factors are affecting this growth: patient awareness and acceptance; increasing insurance coverage; and the involvement of the general dentist.” Tarpey attributes the elective-related growth in implants, even in the present economy, to general dentists educating their patients about implant therapy. “Only specialists were placing implants for the first 25 years,” Tarpey explains. “Now GPs can keep the process simple and comfortable for their patients.”

Hiossen just introduced the HG III implant, which is unique in that it has four main features only some of which other implants incorporate: an aggressive thread design, self-tapping capability, integrated platform switching, and a Morse taper connection. The HG III’s dual thread design has wider threads at the bottom and narrower threads at the top, distributing stress evenly. The implant design also reduces heat during placement, which can cause “the cells to burn out,” according to Tarpey.

The three-cutting-edge design at the apex of the implant eliminates the need for tapping, and the integrated platform-switching design minimizes bone loss and provides more prosthetic options—different widths of abutments can be used without changing the implant size. The Morse taper allows for a tight conical connection; however, if the crown loosens, the abutment remains locked in place.

The HG III has a resorbable-blasted-media, hydroxyapatite-coated surface to enhance early cell attachment. Notably, the HG III is made in the US.

Hiossen surveys clinicians regarding how implant placement can be simplified and be less technique sensitive. The company then tests the technologies through a rigorous scientific process, looking for the best and easiest ways to accomplish implant techniques correctly. Hiossen is examining more innovative surface treatments, especially new bone morphogenetic protein options. The company sponsors study clubs and offers implant training from basic to advanced levels at 10 US locations. They also provide a patient consultation brochure to help clinicians explain treatment options, including the pros and cons of other treatment methods. Another patient educational tool developed by Hiossen is a clear plastic model of the mouth that shows patients how small implants are and how they fit into their anatomy in real-life dimensions. “This helps put patients at ease,” Tarpey says.

Hiossen Inc.
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