About Inside Dentistry's Roundtable

Inside Dentistry's Roundtable is a forum for debate on key topics, trends, and techniques in dentistry. For each episode, a panel of experts examines a subject to help expand your knowledge and improve your practice.

The Host

For almost 25 years, Mark Nelson has had the honor of serving in many capacities in the dental industry. His primary focus has been in clinical acumen, for which he has been mentored by opinion leaders nationwide. Helping clinicians solve problems and reach predictable outcomes has been a hallmark of his career. While serving as Professional Relations Director, he has helped secure quality content for AEGIS Dental Network for Inside Dentistry in close collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Robert Margeas. Facilitating over 500 workshops internationally, Nelson has developed relationships with hundreds of doctors, resulting in an affinity for quality education leading to the success of clinicians.