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S2 E26 [2:10]

Updates on holographic technology and a COVID resource from the AAID, plus an ebook on esthetics.

Welcome to another remote episode of IDT Weekly. I’m Jason Mazda, and here’s what’s new. Holographic technology continues to inch closer to becoming a useful tool in this and other industries. California-based manufacturer IKIN recently introduced RYZ, which it calls the first personal hologram platform. RYZ will allow users to apply holograms to mobiles apps on their smart devices—everything from text messages to photos, videos, and more. General availability is anticipated in 2021. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry released a free online handbook, The Ultimate Guide to Dental Health During COVID-19. It’s a collaboration by AAID dentists and includes tips for keeping the whole mouth healthy while on quarantine, plus special precautions for dental implant candidates and patients. Download it at the link below. This month in IDT, our annual Tech Issue includes a feature on augmented reality and virtual reality by Jed Archibald. Jed looks at how these technologies can be used not only for communication among the dental team, but also for educational purposes. AR and VR are so much more than just the goggles that you’ve seen gamers wear, so we hope you’ll read Jed’s article to learn more about it. Online this month at, last week I told you about an Inside Dentistry webinar, and now I want to draw your attention to an ebook from our sister publication Compendium. The ebook is “Innovations in Dental Esthetics,” and it includes an examination of the esthetic and technical role of the abutment by IDT board member Leon Hermanides, CDT. It’s free to download and worth 4 CE credits. Just go to, click the Compendium tab, and then click the ebooks tab. Well, that’s it for this week. Join us again next time on IDT Weekly.

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