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S2 E16 [2:04]

Updates on the NADL’s guidance for the CARES Act ( and an online COVID-19 panel discussion hosted by Carbon (, plus an article on implant abutments and bars, and an online article about keeping morale up during difficult times (

Welcome to IDT Weekly! I’m Jason Mazda, coming to you remotely this week, and here’s what’s new. The NADL issued guidance on key provisions for dental laboratories in the CARES Act. These include provisions involving Small Business Administration loans, withdrawal from retirement funds, federal student loans, emergency unemployment benefits, and more. There’s a lot for business owners to sort through, and the NADL and its DC law firm have done a great job of breaking down what you need to know. Check it out at the link below. Carbon recently hosted an online panel discussion with laboratory owners Ashley Byrne, Megan Nakanishi, and Conrad Rensburg. They discussed their strategies during this difficult period, including not only payroll and finances, but also social distancing measures, staying in communication with dentists, and completing any work still coming in. You can watch the whole discussion on Carbon’s website at the link below. This month in IDT, we have a TechEdge article on implant abutments and bars authored by Oscar Galvis. Oscar discusses the latest trends and developments in abutment selection, bar designs, materials, and more. We hope you’ll give it a read.Online this month at, we have a business column from Brian Forman on keeping morale up in down times. We all know these are difficult times for everyone for a number of reasons, but Brian writes that communicating a positive outlook to your team and staying in contact can help keep your employees engaged, and he has some other useful tips as well. Read it at or by clicking the link below. Well, that’s it for this week. Everyone please stay safe and healthy, and join us again next time on IDT Weekly.

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