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S2 E18 [2:12]

Updates on Vincent Alleluia’s passing and a call to action from the Santa Fe Group (, plus an article on splint therapy and a resource center for online educational opportunities (

Welcome to another remote edition of IDT Weekly. Coming to you from my home office, I’m Jason Mazda, and here’s what’s new. We were saddened to learn of the passing of Vincent Alleluia last month at 92. Vinny was a member of IDT’s Editorial Advisory Board since the journal’s inception. He spent more than 50 years in the profession, and served as Chairman of the American Society of Master Dental Technologists. He was a mentor to IDT’s Peter Pizzi and Daniel Alter, both of whom studied under him at NYU’s MDT program. Danny says Vinny’s legacy, mentorship, and teachings will undoubtedly be forever engrained in many professionals’ careers and lives. Volunteer members of the nonprofit Santa Fe Group issued a call to action for dental professionals to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by volunteering. Needed services vary geographically but include contact tracing, hotline management, health education, triage and screening services, and more. Resources for people interested in volunteering are available at the link below. This month in IDT, we have a CE article from Dr. Leonard Hess on splint therapy. This is an increasingly popular product for laboratories to become involved with, and Dr. Hess walks through different types of splints, important considerations for fabrication, and more. We hope you’ll give it a read. Online this month at, we have a running list of online educational opportunities for dental laboratory technicians, both live and on-demand. So many different sources are stepping up to offer online education during this period of isolation, and this is your one-stop shop to see all your options. Check it out at or the link below. Well, that’s it for this week. Everyone please stay healthy and safe, and join us again next time on IDT Weekly.

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