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S2 E10 [2:11]

News on the Floss Bar app aimed at empowering hygienists to make more money outside of traditional business hours, this week’s audience poll question for #IDHTopTen, and part one of the CE article Mental Floss: Oral Health and Dementia.

In the news, a new app seeks to empower hygienists to make more money outside of traditional business hours. Created by a former hedge fund analyst, Floss Bar, allows dental hygienists to freelance and schedule basic care — like cleanings and flossings — in the dental office where they currently work, but in off-hours not used by the dentist. The app focuses on providing more flexibility and extra pay for hygienists, while allowing dental practices to create revenue during hours when dentists aren’t working. Floss bar currently has 3 agreements with New York city dental practices and hopes to expand across the country. Look for more news on this trend on our social media pages and upcoming newsletters. Last week we announced our top ten series dedicated to our loyal audience and readers. We will be polling our audience here and on social media to discover what matters to you as a hygienist and will feature the top 10 answers in each category during upcoming episodes. This week we want to know what things you wish you’d known as a new hygienist. Send your answers to the email address below or share them on our facebook, twitter or Instagram pages with the #IDHTopTens. We can’t wait to hear from you. Currently featured on the Inside Dental Hygiene website is part 1 of the Continuing Education article “Mental Floss: Oral Health and Dementia by Maria Geisinger, DDS and Hussein Basma, DDS. Recent news reports have focused on emerging evidence about the link between periodontal disease and dementia. This article reviews the current scientific literature about the prevalence, etiology, and stages of dementia, and recognizes the association of periodontal diseases and oral bacteria with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.To read the article and take the quiz to receive CE credit visit the link below. We hope you’ve enjoyed our updates on the latest in dental hygiene news, trends, and continuing education. I’m Tiffany Stark. Thank you for watching IDH Weekly. See you next week!

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