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Inside Dental Hygiene
April 2022
Volume 0, Issue 0

Product Watch

ProphyPaste HAp

ProphyPaste HAp is a new addition to Directa Dental's ProphyCare Line. ProphyPaste HAp has a unique composition, which includes hydroxyapatite that effectively blocks the open dentin tubules on an exposed dentin surface. The resulting barrier will provide the patient with instant relief from hypersensitivity. ProphyPaste HAp is a one-step paste for outstanding cleaning and polishing results.


VOCO's CleanJoy minimally invasive prophy paste features optimized filler particles for a smooth patient experience without a sandy feeling. Fine Dual Filler (FDF) Technology allows for a gentle but effective stain removal. There are no parabens, nuts, or gluten, reducing allergy risks. Color-coded grits allow for easy identification, and the simple selection process includes three delicious flavors: fresh Mint, sweet Caramel, and fruity Cherry.

ACCLEAN Ultrasonic Scaler

The ACCLEAN Ultrasonic Scaler features a new, purposeful design and a better experience for you and your patients. Its dual frequency 25K/30K technology automatically detects inserts to integrate quickly with existing equipment. The auto gain control technology maintains power throughout the procedure, and hands-free, on-demand boost mode provides effective removal of difficult calculus.


Premier® Dental announced the launch of izzo, an innovative new direct-to-consumer initiative designed to elevate at-home oral care. The first and only 4-in-1 oral care system, izzo goes significantly beyond just the typical toothbrush, delivering healthy confidence. In addition to a state-of-the-art oscillating toothbrush, the kit includes a unique polishing system that can safely and effectively remove stains for brighter, whiter smiles and a cleaner, healthier mouth.

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