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Enamel Pro® Fluoride Gel by Premier® Dental

Enamel Pro® Fluoride Gel

Premier® Dental

Enamel Pro Topical Fluoride Gel with ACP technology is non-acidulated, yet provides the same fluoride uptake as acidulated phosphate fluoride gels.† The ACP acts as an enhanced fluoride delivery system to promote fluoride delivery to the teeth. Enamel Pro Gel also provides the same advantage as neutral pH gels, making it safe for patients with porcelain, composite restorations and sealants. There is no dulling or etching of teeth which could occur in APF gel use.

It uses fluorides for the prevention and control of caries is documented to be both safe and highly effective, especially in school-aged children. ACP and fluoride are known to inhibit demineralization and enhance remineralization. This product is  available through your authorized dealer in 16-oz. bottles in four great flavors with no acidic after taste: Bubblegum, Cherry, Orange and Strawberry. It is gluten free.

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