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Juell 3D Flash OC Printer by Park Dental Research

Juell 3D Flash OC Printer

Park Dental Research

JUELL 3D Flash OC with optical correction provides a more uniform precision print across an oxygen permeable membrane and alloy build plate, technology not available in previous versions of JUELL 3D or any of its competitors on the 3D market. This advancement in JUELL 3D technology adjusts for imperfections in projection as well as improves diffraction of UV energy through different materials - an innovation in digital dentistry that sets JUELL 3D apart from the competition. Its accuracy and quality are unsurpassed at this price.

JUELL 3D Flash OC, easily the most user friendly Stereolithography 3D printer available, continues to print with build speeds that are amazingly fast, without compromising the high resolution now provided by UV/DLP/LED technology. 

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