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Sterile Mini 90™ Disposable Prophy Angle by Pac-Dent

Sterile Mini 90™ Disposable Prophy Angle


A sterile DPA promotes a much safer dental visit. Under independent laboratory testing, the surface of Pac-Dent's Sterile Mini DPAs were shown to be completely free of pathogens.

These DPAs are also equipped with a small head and the slimmest profile on the market. Incorporating Pac-Dent's performance proven gear and drive shaft technology ensures quiet sustained power.

The enhanced infection control, improved access, increased visibility, and engineered performance make these angles the best choice for dental hygienists.


  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation to reduce the risk of infection.
  • A small powerful head for increased visibility and improved access.
  • Smooth, quite and designed for patient comfort.
  • 100% Latex-Free.
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