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Super-Strength Appliances by Northeast Laboratory

Super-Strength Appliances

Northeast Laboratory

By incorporating stainless steel grids in the occlusal acrylic of TMJ and BRUXISM appliances, Northeast Laboratory has developed the strongest appliance in today’s market. Patients with strong bites who tend to break appliances will appreciate the durability and resistance to fractures. Occlusals can be adjusted to thinner verticals due to the grid strengtheners. The dentist as well as the patient will be happier with less remakes. Designed specifically for strength, an appliance that incorporates stainless steel grids processed into the acrylic. The grids enable the technician to fabricate a very thin appliance occlusally, while still retaining it's superior strength.  Occlusions can be ground to 1 to 2 mm. Patient's verticals are open to a minimum without sacrificing strength. In addition, patient compliance is greatly increased by more comfortably fitting appliances. This appliance is ideal for heavy bruxism or severe TMJ.

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