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Immediate Smile® by Materialise Dental, Inc

Immediate Smile®

Materialise Dental, Inc

Materialise Dental’s Immediate Smile® bridge allows implantologists to bring the most advanced dental procedures to their practices and put smiles on patients’ faces the moment they walk out the door. Materialise Dental’s 3D Digital Dentistry is allowing dentists to remove teeth, place implants, and fit bridges during same-day surgeries.

This technology translates to high patient comfort and fewer visits because the immediate loading procedure is quicker and easier. Materialise Dental’s full digital workflow allows for quick and easy fabrication of a bridge. All information is already available in the SimPlant® planning so no extra preparations are needed. All dentists need to do is order the bridge with SimPlant® and they will receive it together with the SurgiGuide® before the actual surgery takes place.

Since the bridge and SurgiGuide® are delivered together before surgery, this allows clinicians to perform the surgery and placement of the bridge in a single visit. The unique part of this procedure comes from the fact that the temporary screw-retained restoration is secured using an intuitive and fast procedure without requiring extra expensive or special components.

Innovative and versatile, this technology can also be used for predictable esthetics even for cases with tooth extractions. If patients still have their natural teeth but they are lost, tooth extractions are simulated with SimPlant®. The bridge is then made based on implant planning and patients’ natural teeth. The Immediate Smile bridge gives patients the opportunity to switch from ”natural teeth” to “teeth on implants” in a single visit.

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